3 Top Tips to Take Your iGaming Experience to the Next Level

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The growth of the iGaming industry in recent years has been staggering, particularly when you look at the variety of online casinos, poker rooms and sports bookmakers that are currently making waves in the market.

A large part of this growth can be attributed to the developments we’ve seen in wireless internet connectivity and mobile devices, both of which allow players to log in and play their preferred choice of game from pretty much anywhere. New and established brands alike are constantly developing their services and vying to attract new clients and build their customer base in whatever way they can.

As for the average gamer, such a competitive marketplace means that there are more opportunities than ever to enhance their online gaming experience. Here are a handful of expert tips to do just that!

Take advantage of bonuses and sign-up offers


It’s quickly becoming common knowledge that iGaming is one of the most lucrative sectors within the gaming industry as a whole. Old or new, every online casino, sports bookmaker and slots host are looking to stand out from the crowd and attract loyal players in whatever way they can.

One major approach that almost all iGaming brands choose to do this is by offering an exclusive range of sign-up promotions and bonuses. Whether it’s free bets, money-back deposits or special seasonal offers at various points throughout the calendar, there’s no end to the variety of deals available online. Players would do well to bear in mind that a lot of free bets require a bonus code (but not all of them), so it’s often worth checking dedicated comparison sites like Bonus.ca for the latest listed codes before you decide to sign up with a particular website.

Experiment with cutting-edge technologies

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With so much ongoing investment across the industry, it’s fair to say that iGaming is an area of gaming that encourages hosts and operators to test out new technologies sooner rather than later. That’s certainly been the case with VR, AR and live streaming systems, all of which are designed to make the player’s gaming experience as immersive as possible.

Live streaming in particular has already made a huge impact across a wide variety of industries, though particularly the world of online casinos. The ability for players to enjoy the thrill of a real casino table, with a real table, from the comfort of their own home is a gamechanger in terms of player engagement and authentic gameplay.

Enjoy quicker and more secure payments

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Gone are the days when you could only make online deposit and withdraw funds using a credit card. These days, the ability to transfer funds using a wide range of different vendors is quickly becoming a key expectation for many regular online gamers.

It’s no surprise really; payments made using PayPal, Skrill or any other reputable digital wallet usually offer quicker withdrawal times and an added layer of security compared with directly entering your bank details every time you need to transfer funds. A growing number of sites are also dedicated to accepting cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and LiteCoin as a valid form of payment.

And, whilst these service developments are coming thick and fast, remember that this is only the beginning. We can expect to see iGaming hardware and software capabilities to evolve even further over the coming years, so it’s worth keeping a close eye on the latest innovations if you want to stay ahead of the curve!

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