4 Reasons to Service the Furnance Before Winter

In many homes, the furnace is usually tucked away in a closet or in the basement. Homeowners may not know much about how it functions or what each part does, but they know it needs to work when the winter chill sets in. Getting your furnace serviced before the cold weather arrives greatly reduces the potential for a breakdown during the cold season. Any one of the four reasons below could cause a problem, a problem that a preseason furnace inspection can easily address.

Identify Possible Corroded Parts

If your furnace is not regularly serviced by a professional, it can lose the necessary lubrication on some of the moving parts. If the lubrication is insufficient, the parts can get exposed to moisture and begin to rust or corrode. When you ignite the furnace, the flame should be steady, and the connections shouldn’t puff or flicker in and out.

If you discover some inconsistencies, you may have a rusted gas ring or a rust clog in the gas jet. Unfortunately, many parts of a furnace are metal, so both the exterior and the interior are prone to corrosion if you don’t properly care for them.

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Repair Broken Motor Connections

Your furnace’s blower mechanism has many parts. The blower motor bearings do much of the heavy lifting in this system, and they can become worn out. A bad blower motor can make your furnace extra noisy, one of the first signs that a bearing has blown out, and could lead to a potential breakdown of your furnace. Making sure these parts are in good condition so that they won’t break during the coldest time of the year is something an HVAC technician will look at during a preseason furnace inspection.

Determine Whether Your Furnace Has an Out-of-Order Ignitor

The ignitor is the key to introducing flame to the furnace. From this point, the furnace goes on to heat your house and keep your family warm. Unfortunately, if the flame isn’t present, the furnace can’t produce any heat. A clog in the gas jet can stunt the ignitor or a problem with the electrical system could cause an out-of-order pilot light.

Correct Fire Hazards

Dust, dirt, and debris naturally collect in areas where dusting isn’t a common practice. Any of these particles could become a fire hazard, and in such a high heat, an atmosphere like the inside of a furnace presents a real possibility for fire. An HVAC services professional will know how to thoroughly and safely clean your furnace. A regular cleaning can remove any concerns along with potentially harmful residue.

By calling your HVAC technician for a pre-winter furnace inspection, you’ll stay comfortable all winter long knowing that your furnace is in good condition. A furnace that is well-serviced can last longer and perform better. While your furnace is running more efficiently, it can help cut utility bills as well. You won’t find a downside to adding a furnace inspection to your yearly home maintenance routine, but it could be a chilly problem to deal with if your furnace breaks down when you need it the most.

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