Advice for Aspiring Musicians

Starting out in the music industry may seem intimidating, but right now is a great time to break into the music scene. So many small, independent artists are making it big using DIY methods and taking advantage of the internet and streaming services to get their music out there. Will you be the next artist to make it big in the industry? Here are some tips for aspiring musicians to stand out from the rest.

Engage your audience

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Whether you’re playing live or sharing your music with fans online, it’s important to stay engaging. Playing live venues as often as possible in your local scene is vital to getting your community excited about your music and getting the word out there. You should also be using the internet to your advantage and posting regular content on your social media accounts and engaging your fans within the comments. Having a great personality online and sharing a bit about you as a person will go a long way in creating intrigue as well as relatability to your audience. You can use services such as Bandcamp to share your music online, and you should also make sure your music is available on streaming services, such as Spotify and Apple Music, that most people use everyday. Making it easier for new fans to discover your art is key. If you’re looking to play live for money, you should make sure you are available online as one of the bands or singers for hire in your area. You may not make a lot initially, but it’s all about getting the word out there about what you do, even if that means playing a corporate event or birthday party when starting out.

Define your brand

You’ll want to make sure you stand out from the crowd by creating brand awareness around your music whether you’re a solo artist or a band. When you think of a famous artist, you often think of a logo, image, or font used across the board on all of their posters and merchandise. A lot of bands take this a step further, such as Kiss and Slipknot, who use extravagant make-up and costumes to create the look they’re known for, or The White Stripes, who use the colors red, black, and white prominently in their album art and live performances. Start out by creating a logo, or simply deciding on a unique font, so your brand will be easily recognized.

Practice, practice, practice

Whether you’re playing to an audience of one or selling out arenas, you’re never too experienced to learn something new. It’s important to keep practicing your craft and improving upon what you’ve done already. If you want to make it big, you shouldn’t be settling for “good enough.” If you want to continue to keep your audience engaged, you need to challenge yourself and think outside the box to stand out and progress in this industry. Keeping yourself sharp takes a lot of practice, and if you’re ready to pursue your dream, you need to be willing to put in the effort.