Design Tips for Your Next Business Card

Your idea of a great business card should be one that stands out from the crowd. Perhaps you fancy bright colors that pop out? Then foil business cards are your best bet. They come in different colors including gold, rose gold, and silver.

All in all, there are several design tips that could give you the business card you’ve always dreamt of.

  • Keep it Simple

Opt for simple business cards. When your card is loaded with too much information, people will find it difficult to locate what they’re looking for. For instance, the best way to contact you or the services they are looking for.

  • Your Physical Address

Does your business have a physical location where people might drop in? If not, it would be better to leave out that piece of information. In fact, if your business is online, then there would be no need to include your mailing address on your business card.

  • Limit the Phone Numbers

Phone numbers are one of the ways you can simplify your business card. The question is? How do you prefer to be called? Your cell phone? Your receptionist? The front office desk? It would be easier if your calls were all directed to one place. Do your customers often use the fax machine to communicate with you? If not, you might want to consider leaving that out too. In case someone needs it, they will ask for it.

  • High-Resolution Logo

If you’re going to sell yourself, then best sell yourself right. And you can do that with a high-resolution logo. It’s easier to cut and paste your logo from a scan, then use it on your card. Unfortunately, this type of logo doesn’t print well and it doesn’t make your business look very professional.

If you don’t have a high-resolution file, then you should enlist the services of a professional graphic designer who will recreate it for you. This is a simpler and cheaper option compared to designing a totally new one.


  • Choose Your Fonts

There are thousands of attractive fonts out there. They come in every imaginable size and style. When it comes to your business card, try to keep your font choice basic and big enough. Such fonts are easier to read and understand. Also, ensure that your font complements your logo.

It would be a good idea to look at other cards you really like and find out what makes those cards attractive. You could borrow an idea or two from them for your business cards.

  • Smile

Do you want to have your face on your business cards? Then go for a professional headshot. Selfies are great for your Instagram and Facebook, but not for your card. Get a stunning photo with perfect lighting taken by a person who knows how to make you look your best.

  • Social Media

The social media platform has changed the face of communication. Letting people know the sites you’re on may be important. However, it would be preferable to use the logo icon of your sites rather than writing down the entire handle. Most of the sites have simplified the process. All someone needs to do to find you is, type out your name.

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