Five Things You Need To Know About Moving In Miami

When you are moving in and around the Miami area, you need to have an understanding of how to set up the move, where you are going, and what you should get out of the move. The Miami-Dade area is very large, and you should study your options before planning your move. Miami is a wonderful place to live because the weather is amazing all throughout the year. Plus, you can move to different parts of the city that will give you an amazing experience.

1. Where Are You Moving In Miami?

Suddath Miami local movers can help you move to any part of the city that you like. Miami is a big city with wonderful beaches, and nice suburbs that are great for kids and families. If you are moving closer to the beach, you can expect to pay more for your home. If you are moving farther away from the beach, your home will be a little bit cheaper.

2. Have You Planned For The Weather?

You could get a very heavy thunderstorm or shower at any time, so you should ask your mover if they are prepared to move in a heavy rain. When you are dealing with heavy rains, you need to make sure that you have rain gear. You also need to ask your mover if they can cover all your furniture and personal items to prevent any damage. A good mover will be prepared for just about any situation Florida weather has to offer.

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3. Do You Have An Inventory?

You need to create an inventory for your move so that you know where everything is. When you are moving, you can check everything off your list as it goes on the truck, and you can check the inventory again when you get to your new home. When you work with a professional mover, you can protect all your items, be sure that you have moved everything, and work with the mover to ensure a smooth process.

4. What About Moving Into The City?

If you move into the center of Miami, you should consider living on an upper level. Hurricanes and flooding could cause problems on the city streets, and you will be much safer if you are not on the ground floor. You may also want to buy a house that sits on a hill or ridge. You can choose a house that is farther from the beach so that you won’t have to worry as much about flooding, and you can move away from the river to avoid potential flooding during hurricane season.

5. Do You Want To Move To Fort Lauderdale

Metro Miami and Metro Fort Lauderdale blend together if you go north and away from the center of the city. You may choose to live in this area because the home prices could be a bit more moderate. Plus, the commute to Miami has been expedited because roads along this corridor have been widened and improved.


When you are moving in and around the Miami area, you need to look at how much you will pay if you move close to the beach. You should decide if you want to move farther north, and you need to move into a space that will help you stay away from flooding during the hurricane season. Check the location where your job has taken you, determine the commute, and choose a location that helps balance your travel time and the price of the house.

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