You must have heard of poker players complaining about the ‘dead cards’, which simply implies that they aren’t dealt with any good/playable cards. And in this kind of situation, the players are usually helpless. The only way out to escape from losing the pot will be putting your poker skills into action.

Sometimes, it so happens that you are dealt with bad cards on a continuous basis like a routine, and you can’t seem to do anything about it. Well, that is why we have written this article just for you to help you deal with dead cards in a more professional way.

  • Keep the tight image:

If you are a player who folds when you have terrible cards, your opponent will automatically think that you are a tight, conservative player. And by doing so, your opponents will expect you play only when you have good cards. So, even when your card isn’t that good, you will be able to get away with it by bluffing in such cases.

  • Steal the blinds:

Although it is not every day that you get to win by stealing the blinds, however, a bit of a stack can be built by them. Look for a spot where you are in late position and in cases where no one has raised the pot, raise to a level where you expect no one to call but it shouldn’t be big enough to deplete you if you get a caller. In such cases, mostly there won’t be any callers and you might get the blinds.

  • Accelerate with “Pair”:

The advantage of playing online poker is that, your opponents will not be able to see your face and thus you will only be judged according to how you play. If you have been rapidly getting dead hands and you have been folding all the while, the other players will not want to risk when you suddenly raise. So if you happen to get a pair them take the advantage of it and make a raise, that way there are higher chances of winning by flopping the bet.

  • Know your position:

In a poker, the most obvious position to enter the pot with dead hand is from middle and late position when the action folds around to you. It is worth taking the risk to make a standard raise between 2 and 3 big blinds (smaller if the effective stack size is small, bigger if it is big). If only one player calls, you have the advantage of continuing to bet most flops. If multiple players call, you should be careful with your play and rather play safe after the flop.

Poker is a game of skill and that is why you should not easily give up or get frustrated even if you are continuously dealt with dead hands because, poker, when played logically, has less chances of losing. Remember not to tilt, and keep your emotions out from it, no matter how bad your cards might seem to be, and that way, you will not risk losing your entire bankroll.

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