Must-Have Apps Every Traveler Should Download

When it comes to exploring new cities and going on vacations, smartphones have become important to travelers more than ever. From the palm of your hand, you can book flights, choose your hotel accommodations, or make reservations for dinner at a local restaurant. Smartphones also help you translate foreign languages, convert currencies, and provide you with directions. Whatever you need while you’re on a trip, there’s an app for you.

So, if you want your next travel experience to be a breeze, check out these hand-picked apps that you should download before going on a trip:

Finding and Booking Flights

Airlines have their apps, but you don’t get to compare flight schedules and ticket prices because the data available is limited to that particular carrier. When you download the apps we’ve listed, not only will you have a wide variety of flight schedules to choose from, you will also find the cheapest flights available for your destination.

An example here is the app Hopper, which can help you save money if your travel dates aren’t fixed yet. This app has a price-tracker which shows you if a particular ticket price is good or bad and whether you should book now or wait a while. You can book tickets directly using Hopper, and there are times when it costs less here than when you book directly with the airline. 

Arranging Accommodations

Aside from booking airline tickets, arranging for hotel accommodations in advance is an important part of having a smooth, hassle-free trip. You can do the initial research by Googling hotels in a particular area. But when it comes to bookings, you can compare prices using these mobile apps. They also offer perks like a free night for every 10 booked nights using the app.

The top site for arranging accommodations is Now, I’m recommending this app because I use this and it has saved me a couple of times while trying to find a place to stay, even at the last minute. There were also some instances where I paid far less than the hotel’s posted rates while using the app.


Unless you have family or friends in the area, transportation is going to be an issue. Finding fast, reliable, and affordable transportation saves you time and money. By using transportations apps, you can book a taxi, share a ride, or hire a car in a flash, with confidence and from wherever you are. 

Lyft comes to mind when talking about transportation apps. You can also try out Cabify, Careem, Gett, Grab, or Taxify. The one you see available most everywhere is Uber. Yes, it’s a ride-hailing app but if you’re in a place where you don’t know the local language, don’t know the directions to where you’re going, and don’t know how much a trip will cost you, these apps can help keep you protected.

Directions and Navigation

Woman Walking On Pathway While Strolling Luggage 1008155

One of the toughest things to deal with when you’re in a new city is finding places and getting directions. Whether you are planning to walk or use any transportation, you need to know how to get there. These apps not only help you discover new places but they also have navigation functions that map out specific sights for you.

Google Maps is my go-to app when it comes to navigation. It isn’t just a terrific app to search for locations, its navigation function is reliable. Google Maps gives you time estimates to reach your destination with consideration for traffic and delays. If you’re driving a car, a voice command option leads you to your destination, hands-free.

Currency Converter

Withdrawing money from an ATM of a foreign country can be tricky. If you don’t know the exchange rate of the local currency to the dollar, you’ll end up either having too much cash on hand, or too little. If the former happens, you usually overspend. With the latter, you end up withdrawing again and paying the charge twice. 

XE Currency is the best currency converter because it provides you with real-time currency rates when online and allows you to view them offline later on. Just make sure you update the rates before you leave so that you will always get a good deal while in another country.

Language Translator

Aside from converting currency, you also need to translate the language. Translation is important in countries where not many people speak English. It becomes more crucial when you’re traveling alone and don’t understand the local language.

Google Translate is a favorite of any traveler. This app can translate written characters, voice dictations, and even visuals. It has translations to over 100 languages including 60 even when offline and 93 languages using text or characters. Google Translate also offers camera translation and a two-way instant speech translator.

Betting Apps

How could you travel without sports betting apps on your mobile phone? Mobile sports betting apps aren’t just for punters these days, they’re for every sports fan. These apps have features like sports news, recaps, videos, and forums, which will update you with the latest in sports on the go. Of course, if you want to put a little something into the games, you can place wagers right from the palm of your hands.

Most bettors look for betting apps that cover every sport. However, some betting apps focus on particular sports, so you pick the one that caters to your favorite ones. One of the best betting apps is 22Bet which is secure, gives lucrative bonuses, has many banking options, and covers almost every sporting event out there. This app also provides you with the latest game results to keep you updated.

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