Summer Break Study Abroad Advice

If you are confused about leaving the comfort of your country to go study abroad, relax. There are some places that will offer you much more than what your country would offer you. Of course, you expect differing cultures, but, each new place has its unique offerings. To help you with your burning confusion, here is a compilation of the top 5 countries to study abroad. Also, learn why they are the best.



France’s Paris ranks as one of the best places regarding accommodating international students. Despite being at the heart of the busy France, the culture plus iconic French architecture make it a conducive studying destination. It is unique for its low tuition fees and the high-quality education offered.


If you can ignore all the stories that you hear of gigantic spiders and mammoth bats in Australia, then its second biggest city, Melbourne, is the place for you. If you prefer education mixed with serene beaches, live music, lots of comedies and indescribable nightlife, choose Melbourne. The city offers you 7 international universities to choose from!6266287044_Af9381F223_O


Asia, too, can offer you the best quality of education imaginable. Let’s focus on China’s city, Hong Kong. This city is conducive for international study in that it both Eastern and Western cultures mingle perfectly. Almost everyone under 40 years speaks English. The education is very affordable and Hong Kong is perfectly accessible.


If you thought Singapore is popular as tourist and business hub only, add education to that list! This country is known to prioritize education. One of the outstanding aspects of studying in this country is that the education, just like the food and rent, is very cheap. In addition, alcohol and substance abuse are prohibited around education centers. Therefore, if you love a calm studying environment, head to Singapore.

United Kingdom

London is serene, calm and secure. In addition, it is home to some of the most popular universities in the world. Therefore, you expect strong credentials and a world-class reputation after studying there. There are expansive green spaces and a lot of exciting places to visit for educational or recreational purposes. If you get the chance to study in the UK, thinking twice in unnecessary!

This list is not conclusive. It just compiles the top 5 countries to study abroad, and, does not in any way imply that the rest are any inferior. Rather, these are the most popular in offering international study as defined by the discussed details.

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