Understanding International Schools: Is It Right For My Kids?

In Australia where we live, there’s a lot of schools to choose from, ranging from Montessori, religious, traditional schools, and international schools. And we chose the latter one.

It goes without saying that no two international schools are the same. Some offer multiple language learning and cultural programs while others focus on a specific nationality, for instance, British, German and French just to name a few. Your option is huge!

You should choose an international school that offers more than a good curriculum, teaching staff, and campus. Choose one that fits best your child’s needs and has a solid commitment to quality with a proven track record.

Here are some of the reasons why an international school is a right choice for your kids.

Curriculum diversity. This will depend on the school you choose, most offer around 2 or curriculum in the secondary school: international baccalaureate and/or the baccalaureate of the home country. Because of this, children can pick up the thread quickly without being behind if you come back to your own country.

Your children will appreciate different languages and cultures. If you’re a family where multiple languages are spoken every day, you’d want your children’s school to mirror your family life. Speaking many languages is a valuable asset that goes beyond the home. In a global international school, they’ll also be able to interact with other children from different cultures.

You can expect high quality, child-focused education. Of course, not all international schools are good and not all local schools are automatically bad. However, you can almost always expect that an international school delivers a child-centered and high-quality education simply because they’re expected to perform better than traditional schools. Students also have extended recess outside daily, and the cafeteria serves top-notch, nutritious lunches.

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Better school communication. Who doesn’t want good communication with their child’s school, right? A good relationship with your kid’s school is crucial. You have to know that you can communicate with the school regarding your child’s unique needs and that you have a voice about the school’s way of things when it matters.

Keep another tongue up to date. Letting your child attend a global international school allows the mother tongue to be up to date plus learn the culture of their home country, despite living in another country. If the school isn’t from your home country, your kid will at least learn another third or fourth language.

Focus on personal development and other stimulating creativity, in the areas of music, sports, art & craft, and theatre. International schools focus on adeptly finding the balance between basic learning, creativity and vital social aspects. As a parent, you should find this aspect in a school you’re looking to enroll your child into.

By interacting with children of other nationalities, your child will also learn specific qualities. These include being open to different cultures and ideas while also having self-confidence as well as the skill to adapt easily to another environment.

So far, our family had a good experience with the global international school we chose. Choosing the best school for your children requires a lot of planning and deliberation. Do exhaustive research on all international schools in your area before committing to one. You may start your research by going to a school’s website.

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