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Fox, Brain, Gervain, Language, Kuhl, Child, Mandarin, Baby, Abb, Study

@natgeo: A Baby’s Brain Needs Love To Develop. What Happens In 1st Year Is …

NATIONALGEOGRAPHIC.COM — In The Late 1980s, When The Crack Cocaine Epidemic Was Ravaging America’s Cities, Hallam Hurt, A Neonatologist In Philadelphia, Worried …

Bound, Door, Jannone, Brook, Schnepf, Amendment, Snow, Janonne, State, Bridgewater

A Day Later, Story On Police Stopping Teens Seeking Snow Shoveling Work Is …

USATODAY.COM — Bound Brook, N.j. - School Was Closed For The Blizzard That Wasn’t, But There Was Still Enough Snow On The Ground That Two High School …

West, Released, Kanye, Jonze, Paulmccartney, Spikejonze, Mccartney, Paul, Spike, Music

Kanye West Released A Music Video For ‘only One’

KANYEWEST.COM — The Video, Directed By Spike Jonze, Is For West’s First Collaboration With Paul Mccartney.

Dumped, Ocean, Oceanfloor, Jump, Terribleact, Truth, Idealworld, Pollution, Artificialreef, Activity

Stunning Photos Showing Nyc Subway Cars Being Dumped Into The Ocean

VIRALFOREST.COM — The Process Of Creating Artificial Reefs Has Been A Great Help To Restoring Areas Damaged By Human Activity. Engineers Have Even Sunk An …

Hezbollah, Wrap, Israeli, Fighting, Border, Israel, Artillery, Obama, Lynch, Snominee

News Wrap: Fighting Flares Between Hezbollah And Israel - Pbs Newshour

PBS.ORG — News Wrap: Fighting Flares Between Hezbollah And Israelpbs Newshourin Our News Wrap Wednesday, Hezbollah Rocket Fire Killed Two Israeli …

Love, Grim, Wired, Fandango, Calavera, Manny, Reaper, Premium, Broken, Resurrection

I Love You, Grim Fandango, Even Though You’re Broken - Wired

WIRED.COM — I Love You, Grim Fandango, Even Though You’re Brokenwiredthe Resurrection Jokes Come Easy For The Remastered Version Of Grim Fandango, The …

Nypd, Online, Citron, Harassment, Gamergate, 4chan, Jezebel, Enforcement, Rao, Threat

The Cops Don’t Care About Violent Online Threats. What Do We Do Now?

JEZEBEL.COM — I. “hey Anna, Do You Like Pizza?” I Was Just Sitting Down To Dinner One Evening This Past November When I Looked Through Some New Twitter …

Albuquerque, Department, Apd, Boyd, Christopher, Officer, Brandenburg, Swat, Force, Schultz

When Cops Break Bad: Albuquerque’s Police Force Gone Wild

ROLLINGSTONE.COM — Looking West From The Scrub And Boulders Of The Sandia Mountains, The City Of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Sprawls Across The Valley Of The Rio …

Pro, Case, Apple, Ipad, Recent, Sim, Design, A8x, Cutout, Cellular

Possible Third-Party ‘ipad Pro’ Case Shown In New Photo - Mac Rumors

MACRUMORS.COM — Ahead Of Any Major Product Release, We Often See Part Leaks And Case Molds, Which Give Us Hints On The Sizing, Features, And Design Of The …

P85d, Tesla, Mode, Announced, Car, Drag, Craigslist, Model, Insanemode, Mph

This Is What The Tesla Model S P85d Insane Mode Does To You Via @dailydot

DAILYDOT.COM — Youtube Channel Dragtimes Is At It Again, But This Time It’s With The New Tesla Model S P85d. Announced Last Year, The P85d Is Tesla’s …

Mexico, Dead, Hospital, Blast, Explosion, America, Yorktimesall, Foxnewsvoice, Truck, Largepart

7 Dead In Mexico City Gas Explosion At Children’s Hospital - Abc News

GO.COM — Abc News7 Dead In Mexico City Gas Explosion At Children’s Hospitalabc Newsa Gas Tank Truck Explosion Collapsed Large Parts Of A Mexico City …

Share, Graphic, Wishful, Designer, Graphicdesigner, Attitude, Goodone, Change, Fellowdesigner, Life

27 Funny Posters And Charts That Graphic Designers Will Relate To

DIGITALSYNOPSIS.COM — We At Ds Come Across A Lot Of Memes, Comics And Artworks That Offer A Hilarious Look Into The Life And Mind Of A Graphic Designer. So We …

Josh, Career, York, Mark, Movie, Figure, Cantfigure, Love, Markduplas, Indierocker

Break’s Movie Of The Day: The Puffy Chair

BREAK.COM — Romantically Challenged New York Indie- Rocker Josh (mark Duplass) Can’t Figure Out Why His Career And Love Life Seem To Be Spinning Out Of …

Hij, Een, Het, Studio, Mediapark, Hilversum, Pandvan, Pand, Eengrootwapen, Guy

Guy With Gun In Dutch News Studio Now

TELEGRAAF.NL — Het Pand Van De Nos Op Het Mediapark In Hilversum Is Donderdagavond Ontruimd. Er Was Een Man In De Studio Die Zendtijd Eiste. Hij Is …

Prop, Marijuana, Proposition, Ballot, Additionally, Initiative, Drug, Petition, Collecting, State

Proposition 48 Is A Ballot Initiative That Would Not Only Legalize Both Medical …

SOUTHERNCANNABIS.ORG — Two Mississippi Cannabis Reform Organizations Have Joined Forces To End Marijuana Prohibition In Their State, And If Successful Will Pull …

Mosul, Nineveh, Army, Daesh, Wall, Iraq, Shiite, United, Islamic, Assyrian

Isis Destroyed Historic Walls Of The Ancient City Of Nineveh In Iraq

AINA.ORG — Jihadists Resumed Bombings Against Historic Sites In Nineveh And Destroyed Remains Of The Ancient Wall Of Mosul, Specialized Sources …

Dutch, Man, Rtl, Building, Hilversum, Broadcast, Pressagency, Airtime, Immediatereport, Broadcaster

Armed Man Demands Airtime On Dutch Broadcaster

SKY.COM — Dutch National Broadcaster Nos Temporarily Went Off Air After An Man Armed With A Gun Entered The Building And Demanded Airtime. The Rtl …

Yosemite, Sierranevada, Red, Foxsighting, Fox, Nationalpark, Sierra, Email, Park, Sensitivecamera

Red Fox Sighting In Yosemite Is First In Nearly 100 Years

WBUR.ORG — A Sierra Nevada Red Fox Was Spotted In Yosemite National Park For The First Time In Nearly A Century, By A Motion- Sensitive Camera.» …

Subetegaougen, Folk, Cowboybebop, Blueshonto, Realfolkblue, Sugi, Asuomitehitotsu, Ikireba, Yorokobi, Warui

Cowboy Bebop - The Real Folk Blues (ending Theme)

YOUTUBE.COM — You Can Download This Song Here ;p : Real Folk Bluesaishiteta To Nageku Ni Waamari Ni Mo Toki Wa Sugi Te Shimattamada Kokoro No Hokorobi …

Cockpit, Moultrie, Rami, Mix, Behold, Sausagebull, Lay, Thineeye, Tongue, Entirelist

A Pitbull-Dachshund Mix Exists And No This Is Not A Joke

BUZZFEED.COM — Pithund. Sausagebull. Cockpit. Behold. Lay Thine Eyes Upon The Mythical Pitbull-Dachschund, A Dog That Actually Exists. Facebook: …

Black, Hollywood, White, Live, Guy, Money, Movie, Steve, Eddie, Howard

Chris Rock Pens Blistering Essay On Hollywood’s Race Problem: “it’s A White …

HOLLYWOODREPORTER.COM — This Story First Appeared In The Dec. 12 Issue Of The Hollywood Reporter Magazine. I Was Probably 19 When I First Came To Hollywood. Eddie …

Lebowski, Dude, Written, Rug, Pretend, Job, Walter, Gain, Deception, Jewishconvert

If You Want, We Can Pretend To Be Crows. No? Okay.

IMDB.COM — When “the Dude” Lebowski Is Mistaken For A Millionaire Lebowski, Two Thugs Urinate On His Rug To Coerce Him Into Paying A Debt He Knows …

Income, Shutterstock, Basic, Nixon, Tax, Negative, Idea, Case, Welfare, Pateman

Basic Income: The World’s Simplest Plan To End Poverty, Explained

VOX.COM — In Recent Months, Discussion Of Basic Income Proposals Have Become Fairly Mainstream, But Not So Mainstream That Most People Know What The …

Linkedin, Google, Company, Apple, Career, Tech, Days, Desirable, Javascript, Microsoft

The World’s 100 Most Desirable Employers

BUSINESSINSIDER.COM — Everyone Wants To Work In Tech These Days – Especially For Big-Name Companies Like Google, Apple, Microsoft, And Facebook. In Fact, These …

Lisa, Service, Bill, Customer, Elliot, Change, Refund, Brown, Review, Cable

Cable Co. Apologizes And Refunds Two Years Of Service After Customer Finds …

IJREVIEW.COM — Lisa Brown And Her Husband Were Having Financial Problems. As A Result, Lisa Contacted Their Cable Company And Attempted To Cancel Part Of …

Obama, Breakfast, Casey, Dalai, Historically, Event, Hindu, Attend, Xinhau, President

Dalai Lama Will Attend 2015 National Prayer Breakfast

TIME.COM — The Dalai Lama Will Attend This Year’s National Prayer Breakfast On Feb. 5, Marking The First Time That The Tibetan Leader Will Appear In …

Disney, Elena, Latina, Debut, Sofium, Princes

Meet Disney’s First Latina Princess!

PEOPLE.COM — Princess Elena Will Make Her Debut On Sofia The First In 2016

Jan, Heroin, Dying, Brain, Huffington, Jasoncherki, Alcohol, Befreetwelvestep, Free, Heroinchange

Dying To Be Free

LONGFORM.ORG — Twelve-Step Programs Treat Alcohol And Drugs According To The Same Principles. But Heroin Changes The Way The Brain Works. If There’s A …

Chipotle, Article, Change, Menuhack, Burrito, Yourchipotle, Meal, Hack, Menu, Order

Article: 7 Hacks To Get The Most Out Of Your Chipotle Order

CLICKHOLE.COM — There Are Hundreds Of Different Combinations You Can Use To Get Your Perfect Chipotle Meal, But Which Ones Are The Best? These Menu Hacks …

Cold, Road, Calculating, Conflict, Rage, Danny, Ymy, Term, Aggressivedriver, Instructor

[video] How To Channel Your Road Rage Into Cold, Calculating Road Revenge

THEONION.COM — Defensive Driving Instructor Danny Preston Says The Best Way To Avoid Conflict On The Road Is To Execute Long- Term Psychological Torment …

Murphy, Snl, Eddie, Kool, Anniversary, Coming, Timing, Yup, 40th, Imagine

Eddie Murphy Is Returning To ‘snl’ For The First Time Since 1984

UPROXX.COM — Nbc The Last Time Eddie Murphy Stepped Into Studio 8h As An Snl Cast Member Was On February 25, 1984, When Edwin Newman Hosted With Kool & …

Mexico, Maternity, Miguel, Hospital, Mancera, Gasdeliverytruck, Emergency, Citymayor, Truck, Verge

Explosion At Maternity Hospital

CNN.COM — A Maternity Hospital South Of Mexico City Is On The Verge Of Collapsing After A Gas Delivery Truck Hit A Building And Exploded, Emergency …

Broadband, Fcc, Definition, Newbroadband, Threshold, Broadbandacces, New25mbp, Download, Tomwheeler, Wheeler

The Fcc Has Changed The Definition Of Broadband

THEVERGE.COM — As Part Of Its 2015 Broadband Progress Report, The Federal Communications Commission Has Voted To Change The Definition Of Broadband By …

Ymy, Money, Discussion, Ability, Childsage, Family, Familyfinance, Finance, Child, Shouldn

Your Money: Why You Should Tell Your Children How Much You Make

NYTIMES.COM — Discussions About Family Finances Can Start Early And Fit A Child’s Age And Ability To Understand, But They Shouldn’t Be Avoided.

Source, Run, Popsugar, Burn, Jump, Jumping, Exercise, Walking, Core, Mountain

10 Do-Anywhere Exercises To Burn 200 Calories In Under 3 Minutes

POPSUGAR.COM — If You Find It Hard To Lose Weight With Your Busy Schedule, The News Keeps Getting Better. First, Just 20 Minutes Of Exercise Was Proven To …

Handler, Peace, Chelsea, David, God, Rodeo, Chest, Rack, Instagram, Star

Chelsea Handler — My Boobs Bring Peace To The Middle East

TMZ.COM — Chelsea Handler Believes The God To Whom You Pray It Doesn’t Matter … One Thing’s Universal … Men Of All Faiths Can Appreciate A Nice …

Funthing, Hair, Liar, Hale, Shorthair, Lucy, Lucyhale, Neverleaf, Actres, Leaf

Lucy Hale On Her New Short Hair - And What She Never Leaves Home Without

PEOPLESTYLEWATCH.COM — We Just Learned Some Really Fun Things About The Pretty Little Liars Actress

Car, Emergency, Guide, Maintenanceissue, Dad, Gamewarden, Man, Illustrated, Job, Maintenance

Things Every Man Should Have In His Car: An Illustrated Guide

ARTOFMANLINESS.COM — When I Was Growing Up, I Noticed That My Dad Kept His Car Well-Stocked With Supplies. A Lot Of The Equipment Was For His Job Busting …

Lego, Set, Globalsuperspy, Controlvessel, Shield, Buildingepic, Helicarrier, Marvel, Street, Bigmovie

Check Out The Official Lego Shield Helicarrier Set

TECHCRUNCH.COM — Lego Is No Stranger To Building Epic Sets As Tie-Ins Timed With The Release Of Big Movies, But The Upcoming Shield Helicarrier Set (via …

Newsurvey, Culprit, Caloricculprit, Waistline, Bankaccount, Survey, Bank, Account

This Is Why Americans Are Overweight And Broke

MARKETWATCH.COM — If Your Waistline Is Expanding While Your Bank Account Is Shrinking, A New Survey May Have Uncovered The Caloric Culprit.

Negative, Life, Changing, Adult, Caring, College, Settling, Order, Letting, Social

7 Negative Things 20-Somethings Are Too Old To Keep Doing

ELITEDAILY.COM — Our 20s Are A Time To Have Fun, Experience Life And Break Free From What Held Us Back Before Society Gave Us The Go-Ahead To Step Out On …

Apple, Samsung, Iphone, Quarter, Korean, Smartphone, Mobile, Profit, Sprofit, Manufacturer

Apple May Have Dethroned Samsung As The World’s Biggest Smartphone Manufacturer

MASHABLE.COM — Apple’s Stellar Earnings Report From Wednesday Mostly Revolved Around One Fascinating Number: The 74.5 Million Iphones Sold In The December …

Javascript, Soundcloud, Browser, Firefox, Disabledyou, Chrome, Soundcloudshow, Explorersorry, Mobilesite, Network

If Only Soundcloud Was Higher Quality Than 128kbps

SOUNDCLOUD.COM — Javascript Is Disabledyou Need To Enable Javascript To Use Soundcloudshow Me How To Enable Ityour Current Browser Isn’t Compatible With …

Dutch, Broadcast, Hilversum, Studio, Anp, Park, Controversial, Man, Npo1, Shot

Armed Man Disrupts Dutch Broadcast

BBC.COM — A Gunman Has Been Arrested In The Studio Of Dutch Public Tv Station Npo1 After Disrupting The Main Evening News, Reportedly Demanding …

Clement, Film, Flight, Sundance, Strouse, Music, Jemaine, Character, Jim, End

Flight Of The Conchords Plotting Return With Late 2015 Tour

BILLBOARD.COM — The Fourth Most Popular Folk Duo From New Zealand Are Plotting Their Return To The U.s. Flight Of The Conchords’ Jemaine Clement Says He …

Chancellor, Parker, Play, Seattle, Defense, Kam, Safety, Wright, Milloy, Richard

Beware The Visor «

GRANTLAND.COM — Demaryius Thomas Saw Him Coming. They Usually Do. No One Goes Very Long Without Looking For Kam Chancellor. And As Thomas Sprinted Across …

Android, Microsoft, Cyanogen, Google, Company, Wsj, Kindle, Million, Wall, Investor

Microsoft To Invest In Cyanogen, Hopes To “take Android Away From Google”

ARSTECHNICA.COM — According To A Report From The Wall Street Journal, Microsoft Will Be Investing $70 Million In Cyanogen, Inc., The Android Rom Builder. The …

Dan, Destroyer, Steely, Kanye, Line, Dime, Vice, Coachella, Contempt, York

Steely Dan Albums From Worst To Best

STEREOGUM.COM — Steely Dan Are Playing This Year’s Coachella, They’ve Been Sampled By Everyone From Kanye To Cities Aviv, And You Can Hear Hints Of Their …

Ted, Macfarlane, Trailer, Watch, Official, Wellesley, Cgi, Seth, Highsnobiety, Film

Watch The Official Trailer For ‘ted 2′

HIGHSNOBIETY.COM — The Comedic Mind Of Seth Macfarlane Returns To The Big Screen In The Sequel To Ted. Appropriately Titled Ted 2, Seth Macfarlane Reprises …

Brady, Business, Greyston, Drew, Claim, Open, Ceo, Company, Surely, Poverty

Felons, Addicts, Immigrants: This Bakery Will Hire Anyone

GRIST.ORG — There Are Millions Of People In America That Lack The Means To Feed Their Families Legally. That’s The Claim Made By Dion Drew, Who Speaks …

Muslim, Allegiance, Republican, Lawmaker, Texaslawmaker, Pledge, Statelawmaker, Office, Texa, Message

Texas Lawmaker: Muslims Should Pledge Allegiance Or Get Out Of My Office

TALKINGPOINTSMEMO.COM — A Republican State Lawmaker In Texas Is Sending A Message To Her Muslim Constituents: If They Want To Come Calling At Her Capitol Office, …

Whitehouse, Adviser, Advisercaught, Violation, Ethicsviolation, Major, Handed, House, Obama, White

Obama Adviser Podesta Caught Green- Handed In Major Ethics Violation

DAILYCALLER.COM — Exclusive: Top White House Adviser Caught In Major Ethics Violation

Policeofficer, Navigation, Doeswaze, Waze, App, Risk, Feature, Law, Enforcement, Life

Does Waze Put Police Officers’ Lives At Risk?

CBSNEWS.COM — Some Law Enforcement Officials Want To Put The Brakes On A Feature Of The Popular Navigation App

Corpse, Monkfound, Position, Lotusposition, Body, Animalskin, Skin, Mongolium, Monk, Animal

Corpse Of 200-Year-Old Monk Found In Lotus Position

DISCOVERY.COM — The Mummified Body, Which Was Covered In Animal Skin, Was Found In Mongolia. Continue Reading

Win, Office, Peoplecomplain, Job, Humanside, Politic, Love, Hardestpart, Person

How To Win At Office Politics

FORBES.COM — When People Complain About Their Jobs, They Never Say “the Work Is Too Hard.” They Talk About The Human Side Of Work. The Human Side Is …


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