5 Gadgets You Must Have as a Freshman

I know times have changed since I was last a freshman but there are some things that never change especially when you are the unlucky freshman like I was just a year ago. Believe me, every freshman is unlucky. The place can feel strange with very weird and new people and simply put, it is the first time that you have been set up in a surrounding that does not favor you in the least. It’s a bad feeling to have in your stomach. Especially considering that everything feels new and you start to realize that you better adjust quickly or get phased out.

Luckily, thanks to technology I was able to hang on quick and rack in some popularity. You will quickly realize how important this is.  There are some pretty cool and savvy gadgets that will definitely help you get your footing and make life in your new setting much easier. If you play your cards right in your choices, they could also earn you some much needed cool points.

  • Smartphone

It would sound cliché for a smartphone to be at the top of the list while everyone has one at the time right? Well don’t just get any, get the latest. Probably one with a great deal of features and plenty of RAM. You will need this to run a number of apps like Dragon Dictate. It’s a cool app that puts your lecture into writing. That makes things much easier since you never have to miss a word.  Alarms for your next class, your music, games and calendar events at the school are always a smartphone will be handy for you. You will also need to have a strong camera on that phone. Parties in college are plenty and you need to catch those great moments.

  • MiFi

Yeah, that sounds sort of new but before you jump over it, consider this, you need to research, you cannot forget your social sites and of course Instagram (that deserves a mention of its own). Luckily most colleges and Universities have Wi-Fi connections but then again, there are plenty of guys squeezing the life out of that connection. With a MiFi, you can solve your problem. It is more of a portable internet connection that will solve a great deal of connectivity problems and allow you to stay connected all through.

  • A laptop cooler.

We will skip the laptop since I figure you already had that part locked down all on your own. What you might have not thought about though is a laptop cooler. Even though they are called laptops, they are not very lap friendly. They get too hot when used for long (and let’s face it, you will need to use it for long) or when running memory intensive applications. A laptop cooler will help you stay on your laptop for longer and never miss a single function or happening in the school. Ever!

  • A laptop lock.

Yes, we are back again with the laptop. It is perhaps the most expensive thing you have when getting into college not to mention the most essential so why not have another great gadget about it. One thing you will quickly note when you get to college, there are some pretty snoopy roommates. But only if you’re lucky. If you’re not they will be snoopy and have long hands too! A laptop lock helps keep your computer safe when you leave unattended to go to the bathroom, have a coffee re-fill or even get some air. It is going to save you a lot of worry and keep those snooping eyes away too.

  • Noise cancelling headphones.

There are three reasons noise cancelling headphones are must when you’re heading into college. The first is, They are cool!, they allow you to tune in to your favorite music at any time in style and also, they are great when you want to catch up with school work at a noisy café but want to enjoy the silence of a library. They will certainly come in handy in more ways than one.

Anything that can come in handy in your first semester in college should be highly welcome. Life moves pretty fast here and you have to make sure you stay up-to-date or suffer the consequence of being the weird kid who never shows up at parties, comes late for lectures and is always absent minded. These gadgets will definitely help you stay afloat and make life easier.

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