5 Innovative Ways to Promote a Small Business

In the business world, exposure is the name of the game. Before a company can truly become successful, it has to promote itself effectively. After all, a customer has to know about your company to patronize it in the first place! Unfortunately, effectively advertising a small business can be very difficult. If you don’t have a substantial marketing budget or a large fanbase, getting the word out can be a daunting challenge. That’s why we’re going to share five innovative ways to promote a small business. Check them out here:

Make a Guest Appearance

Most small businesses already recognize the importance of maintaining a regular blog on their site. However, there’s also a lot of value in writing guest blog posts for other sites with greater audiences than your own. By offering your expertise to a site with a large following, you increase the chances of attracting new customers. And, at the very least, writing a blog post for another site can give your company the opportunity to gain a valuable backlink.

Get Personal

Believe it or not, a personal touch can still go a long way toward winning over customers. By writing personal emails to contact current or former customers, business owners can set themselves apart from the pack. Of course, doing so takes plenty of time and energy –– so be prepared to put the hours in if you want to make a positive impression with your customers.

Look for Sponsorship Opportunities

Regardless of your industry or product, chances are you can find an organization or influencer who you can sponsor to great effect. Consider reaching out to local universities for sponsorship opportunities as well. Many companies increase their visibility by placing their logos on barricades, like those designed by OTW Safety, that are then lined around football fields or set up at festivals.

Start a Tradition

Many businesses have boosted their reputation by creating and embracing an odd tradition about their organization. For instance, at Lambert’s restaurants, waiters and waitresses throw dinner rolls to their patrons. By creating a unique tradition at your company, you can catch people’s attention and amuse them at the same time.

Reach Out

If you don’t have a lot of clout, then borrow someone else’s! There are plenty of popular personalities, artists, and groups who are usually willing to collaborate with small businesses under the right circumstances. The key here is to find a partner who is willing to promote your business in a sincere manner. But you won’t be able to do that unless you make the first move and reach out.


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