7 Simple, Affordable Tips to Improve the Exterior Appearance of Your Home

You want the outside of your home to look its best. You want the exterior of your home to be inviting and attractive. If you are thinking about putting your home on the market, you want it to have strong curb appeal.

Understanding your desire to make the exterior of your home look its best, you may be wondering what easy and relatively inexpensive steps you can take to enhance its appearance. There are seven simple, affordable steps that you can take to enhance the overall appearance of the exterior of your home.

Paint Your Front Door

When all is said and done, perhaps little else on the exterior of your home makes more of an impression on a consistent basis than your front door. Your front door is the first and last thing a guest to your home really focuses on when coming and going at your residence.

You can take a very simple, very affordable step to enhance the overall look and feel of your home, a task that can be accomplished in what amounts to no time at all. You can paint your front door.

There exist a good many options available to you when it comes to painting your front door. You can take a more conservative, stately approach and paint your front door black, white, or a similar hue. You can take a more vibrant approach and go with something like yellow or red. No matter the course you take when you come to selecting a color, painting the door to your home will give you residence a fresh new look.

Pay Attention to Your Side Yards

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If you are like many homeowners, you have at least one, if not two, side yards that can be seen from the street, at least to some degree. If you are also like most homeowners, you don’t pay a great deal of attention to your side yards.

You probably don’t focus much on your side yards because the view from the street of these portions of your premises are limited. With that said, at least some portion of a typical side yard is visible from the street.

You can up the overall appearance of the exterior of your home if you pay even a spot of attention to your side yards. For example, you can place a tidy flower bed in a side yard. This is one of the most simple do it yourself projects you can undertake at your home.

Hide Your Utility Boxes

Utility boxes are proverbial necessary evils. Another trait you may share with a majority of homeowners is that you leave your utility boxes in what might fairly be called their natural condition.

The fact is that you improve the appearance of the exterior of your home by camouflaging utility boxes at your home. For example, you might consider painting a electric box the color of the trim used on your home. Provided you don’t obscure the readout of use, you should have no objection from the power company for this improvement.

Install New Shutters

If your residence already comes complete with shutters, the time may have arrived to update them. Installing new shutters can provide your residence a sharp new appearance.

If your home does not yet have stutters, and you’ve a window design that would harmonize with them, consider an installation at your residence. Shutters represent an affordable way in which you can quickly improve the overall look of your home. Wth a quality cordless drill, you can even install them yourself easily. 

Upgrade Your Mailbox

If you’ve a curbside mailbox, this provides you another opportunity to affordably and easily improve the look of the exterior of your home. When it comes to updating your mailbox, you’ll find that you have a considerable spectrum of different options. You can go the full range from something placid and stately to the campy.

Update Your Address

Nearly any home can stand an upgrade of the address. Yes, the address. The numbers placed on the outside of a residence typically are some of the most overlooked features of a home. You can step up the numbers on your home a notch (or more) by exchanging them for something at least a bit larger and that have a more interesting design.

Improve Your Pathways

Some homes feature walkways, in the front and the back. If you have such a situation, you can improve the look of them simply by adding pavers and stones on top of the existing concrete. This is a quick fix, particularly if the concrete associated with a walkway is cracked.


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