7 Things To Consider When Backpacking In Southeast Asia

If you are like me, you are a travel-a-holic. You can’t seem to sit still in one country long enough.  If you are visiting Southeast Asia, have one of many travel packages in Philippines, and plan on doing the whole backpackers lifestyle, then there are a few things you should consider and know before venturing out into the world.


Backpacking In Philippines and Southeast Asia


  1. Plan around the weather

This is critical and very important. Southeast Asia has some hazardous and wild storms that are mostly designated to that area of the world. Typhoons, hurricanes and other windy natural occurrence are prominent and often hit these areas. Make sure that when you travel, it is not during any of the wild and dangerous seasons.

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  1. Try the street food

This may come as no surprise but it , assuming you stay out of the major city, would prove a great cultural experience to try a different cultures delicacy. But be careful about street food if you have never had it before; as your digestive system and your health may not initially handle the food so well.


  1. Watch Your Budget

It can be a very easy experience to lose track of your budget. After all, your home currency may be much more in Southeast Asia. However, splurging is something you might want to keep in mind NOT TO DO. Each purchase adds up.


  1. The Locals Are Your Friends

If you find yourself in need of finding cheap accommodations then don’t look to your apps – the locals of the city will be more then willing to point you in the right direction.


  1. Visit Temples

Now, this may very well sound esoteric, but visiting temples are incredibly peaceful. Just taking an hour out of the day to meditate at a temple or speak with a Buddhist monk will genuinely be an enriching experience.

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  1. Hit The Beaches

You probably were going to do this without us telling you but Southeast Asia has many fabulous beaches and visiting them will surely make this whole adventure worth it.

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  1. Stay Healthy

It would prove most valuable to you and your trip if you stay healthy. Bring plenty of medicine for anything you think you may contract while traveling. The more measurements fo standard you keep in mind, the better you can enjoy your trip abroad.


Final Thoughts

The world is a beautiful palace, and if you plan on visiting the Philippines or Southeast Asia, then these are some useful tips you should keep in mind.





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