Bankroll required to play in a casino

How much of a starting bankroll do I need to become a play in a casino? This is a frequent question casino players ask. In other words, they want to know the least amount of money they need to give them a decent chance of success. An infinite bankroll is the easiest solution – play at King Casino today.

But since we don’t have an unlimited bankroll for most matches, we have to find a more rational solution. Unfortunately, this is not easy to do as each person’s answer is different. When you are addressing this question, there are many things to remember. There is a range of variables that each individual gamer must consider.

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Variable one

The first variable you must consider is your own personal risk tolerance. Peer pressure does exist in casinos. It is very easy to be pushed to your limits but you must only risk, what you feel comfortable with. Defining your risk tolerance will help you to decide your bankroll, more importantly, it helps you to determine how you are going to spend it. Betting your entire bankroll on one hand of blackjack or one roulette spin is acceptable. Yet, the risk is high. You have a 50/50 chance of doubling your money or losing it all. Separating your money over several games can be seen as less risky. Some could argue that you are just preventing the inevitable and you will eventually bet all your money anyway. However, by separating your money you can make informed decisions on whether you want to take any more risks. You can base your bets on how well your previous games have gone.

Variable two

The next variable you need to consider as to whether you are going to use a betting criteria or not. If you are new to casinos and you have no idea what that is let me explain. Abetting criteria is quite literally a strategy gamers use to improve their betting chances. The most famous and well-known criteria is the Kelly Betting Criteria. It is a mathematically centric betting criterion and probably the most mathematical one in gambling. In gambling theory, the Kelly Criterion is used to determine the optimum size of a set of bets. The Kelly Bet amount is clearly described as the optimal bet amount for optimising the projected growth of the bankroll while minimising the risk. The aim of the Kelly betting system is to double the bankroll in the shortest period of time.

Variable three

The last variable you should use when deciding your bankroll for a casino is the house advantage. A few casino games do have advantages over the house but it is minimal, around 1%. Any advantage over the house is a chance not to be missed. These games will help to improve your bankroll. Do not go there thinking that every game has an advantage, that is not true. The house will generally have an advantage and if you do not believe that then you should not go to a casino.

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