The Popularity of Indian Rummy Online

Rummy is a card game that is gaining popularity throughout the world. There are many theories about the origin of rummy that is prevailing, but the commonly accepted method is that the origin of rummy is conquian. Rummy has a rich history in India being played during festivals and family gatherings. The rummy game can also be seen played in bars, social clubs, and casinos.

Types of Rummy

The common types of rummy are gin rummy and Indian rummy. Gin rummy is a variant that is more popular in the west whereas Indian rummy is the game that is popular in the Indian subcontinent. Indian Rummy is played with 13 cards where the objective is to meld these 13 cards into proper sequences and/or sets. Joker cards are used to complete the goal. Indian Rummy is incredibly popular in the subcontinent, and its online version is gaining tremendous traction and is attracting the attention of millions of card game enthusiasts worldwide these days. 


According to landmark Supreme Court Judgment in 1968, playing rummy for stakes is legal as rummy is game where skills outweigh the element of chance. The same fiat was reaffirmed in Supreme Court’s 1996 verdict. 

The legality of online rummy helped a long way in the game gaining mainstream popularity. There’s a cult following for the game with people still playing the game the old-school way with physical cards despite the abundance of online rummy. 

Rummy Online

The evolution of technology has enabled 13 card Indian rummy game available online. The game which was confined to family and friends circle is now accessible by millions of gamers. These days the trend is playing rummy online with millions of gamers across the country. No longer you need physical card decks, other accouterments like tables, availability of players at your convenient time to enjoy the game. You can flock to any legal rummy site most of which offer rummy games 24/7 and enjoy playing rummy online with fellow rummy enthusiasts throughout the country. 

Online Rummy sites offer real money games under three variants – Points Rummy, Deals Rummy, and Pool Rummy. These rummy sites woo their customers with various offers and promotions giving them more value for money. Additionally, apart from the games, players can enjoy playing rummy tournaments and leaderboard contests with spectacular giveaways. Now users have an option to take the rummy game with them by downloading the rummy mobile app for Android and iOS devices for free. 

Huge Popularity 

Despite stiff competition from fantasy sports websites, the rummy industry has held on to itself and is growing at a phenomenal pace. Online Rummy is currently ruling the Indian online gaming market. According to the KPMG report, Indian gaming revenue is expected to touch Rs. 12000 crore by FY23 at an astounding annual growth rate of 22% and online card gaming sites are touted to be the most significant contributor of it. It comes as no surprise seeing the way online rummy sites and online poker sites spring out each day. 

Online rummy game is also played exactly in the same manner as its played offline. With the addition of internet, you get to socialize with other players across India. You also can get to learn and share different tips and tricks. You can choose to play rummy with like-minded players throughout the country, courtesy of hundreds of rummy online site that have popped up.

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Deccan Rummy  

One of the most popular sites which has grown organically is Started at the beginning of 2016, Deccan Rummy has carved a niche in the online rummy space. When you load up this rummy site you’re greeted by some awesome promotions which sets the tone for what this place is about. They’ve taken everything that is good about the online game, such as a great selection of rummy variants and tournaments. Aside from the mammoth welcome bonus of Rs. 5000, players are bombarded with many offers and promotions periodically. With nearly a million registered players, the platform is beaming with activity all the time. Offering a seamless gaming environment for rummy online enthusiasts, Deccan Rummy’s platform is here to add more fun and thrill. In terms of other promotions, Deccan Rummy has a lot covered too; and another really generous one is the Weekly leaderboard promotion. It’s worth checking the promotions section from time to time as the promos always change – and they offer some generous ones too often. 


With the Smartphone being affordable, and internet connectivity rapidly expanding into rural areas at a reduced price, more and more gamers are getting into the internet. The reason rummy is instantly likable by the players is because of its simple rules. Most rummy sites are replete with information on rummy rules, how to play rummy and rummy strategies which would help the players to pick up the game even from scratch. 

The online rummy industry may be just a decade old industry, but it has managed to attain a cult status which is unimaginable in such a brief period, thanks to its exciting offers and chain of promotions. With more and more people getting to the internet through smartphones, the rummy industry is only set to grow further from here.

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