Creating a Casino Themed Room

Increasingly, more and more people are devoting a room to a casino games room. This has somewhat replaced having a dedicated games room or home gym. The appeal of online gaming sites such as has led homeowners to create a casino or at least a theme in their home.

Some look for a permanent casino themed room while others just want one for a party or event.

In this post, we look at how to decorate your casino home even if your budget is modest.

Start with Colour

Casinos are associated with the rich green felt of the card tables and the vibrant reds of the cards. As such, many casinos incorporate complementary colours to these. If you’re unsure about what colours work use a colour wheel. You can see what colours complement green and red and choose accordingly.


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When you are putting the colours together, think about light. Darker corners tend to need brightening up. If you put dark colours in places where light doesn’t reach you may find you’re stuck with a cave effect. It is worth noting that darker coloured furniture and fittings can kind of suck the light out of a room so give this consideration before you make a significant change.


The layout of the room is truly the fun part of making a casino home. You get to put popular items for casino home décor where you want them to be. It is a good idea to draw a room plan and make cutouts of furniture to scale. You can now try different positions of furniture and get a good idea of how a room will look.

Pay attention to details. This will avoid a person walking into your casino themed room and being confronted with a blackjack table or something similar that blocks their path. Take the time to get this right, and in the long run, you will get more out of your room.

Once you have this down, you can move on to the next phase and the fun bit; decorating!

Decorating your Casino Themed Room

Once you have the colour, light, and layout down start looking at furniture and fittings. Here are some ideas:


Your curtains accentuate your windows and as you look through windows naturally the curtains you choose become important. Why not get curtains with casino imagery such as playing card symbols or dice. Some come with slow machine symbols. This little touch can help bring your interior design efforts to life.


As people will be sitting on your sofa for at least some of the time, you may want to consider appropriate cushions. Like curtains, you can get cushions and cushion covers that show casino imagery like your curtains. Many designs go with all colours of sofa, and this solves a lot of headaches. It is also an easy touch to bring the theme alive, and if it is for a one-off event an easy one to replace.

Wallpaper or Room Dividers

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Wallpaper can give the casino feel. There are different types of themed wallpapers that contain casino imagery. More suited for a permanent casino room unless you like it, of course than a temporary fixture. Wallpaper is generally pretty fast and easy to put up.

If you want something temporary or perhaps you want to leave the walls a neutral colour, then consider room dividers.

Coffee Table

It is easy to obtain or make a casino-style coffee table. This is a great addition if you do not want to go all-in (no pun) on a mini-casino. The coffee table can feature roulette or your favourite card game and offers the perfect way to entertain your guests.

Make Cardboard Dice

If you’re having a party, or perhaps you want to add the wow factor, make cardboard dice. All you need is a square cardboard box. Paint this black. Paint on the white spots for the dice, and you’re good to go. Three stacked on top of one or another usually does the trick.

If you want to take this further, consider making cardboard arches.

Carboard won’t last forever so you may want to consider this option if you are planning an event.


Carpets are a feature of most casinos, and you should consider a rug at the very least. You want one that goes with the décor so choose this last. It doesn’t necessarily have to be casino themed and be a neutral colour. It depends how garish your other choices are.

If you are a little stuck for ideas, you may want to Google casinos and take inspiration from real places. This can help you make design choices and bring your casino games room to life.

Have fun when you make your room. Do it right, and your guests will love it, and you will be the envy of your friends.

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