Def Leppard and Scorpions in Hysteria + More Tour – Here’s What You Need to Know

When the revered rock band Def Leppard announced last April that they will be bringing their Hysteria + More tour to Australia and New Zealand, it was reason enough for fans from down under to experience a sort of thrill.

And then it got even better.

It was soon confirmed that Scorpions will be joining the tour, bringing headbangers from both fandoms together for a cycle that will span over 6 venues.

The Tour

Beginning from November 2, 2018, the tour is to kick off from Perth, Australia. From there, it will move through the region on alternate days, holding shows in the Australian cities of Adelaide; Brisbane; Melbourne; and Sydney. It will then end in New Zealand with the last show being presented in the city of Auckland.

It has also been confirmed by the band that they will be playing their biggest album Hysteria in its entirety during the tour, along with playing a few additional tracks from other albums along with Scorpions. This approach is in line with their Hysteria tours held over the past 3 decades with the addition of Scorpion’s collaboration.

It is yet another reason of excitement for fans of the rock band, as Hysteria is known for being Def Leppard’s most successful album to date. Since its release in 1987, the album has sold more than 25 million copies worldwide, with 12 million being sold in the US alone.

Their tracks such as Pour Some Sugar on Me are known for raging through clubs in the late 80s and early 90s, but it was Rock of Ages that made the band a household name. It is a little known fact that the album helped them out at a time when they were $4.5 million in debt, setting them on a path for success that puts them on par with some of the most successful bands to date.

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According to the official ticketing plans, eager fans would not only be able to attend the concert, but could also have the opportunity to go backstage and even have a meet and greet opportunity with all members of the band. The pricing for usual tickets starts at around $130. Whereas, the special backstage and meet and greet packages start at around $650 and $900, respectively.

While this may seem like a steep amount to spend for a rock concert, true fans wouldn’t be thinking twice before lunging at the chance to meet with the artists behind the iconic tunes. It shouldn’t be surprising, seeing that they still continue to be relevant with the younger generation, having entered the Billboard Top 40 earlier this year with Hysteria.

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The tickets for Hysteria + More can be bought directly from Def Leppard’s official website.

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