Female Celebs Who Enjoy Cigars

Hollywood actors love their cigars. From Arnold Schwarzenegger to Danny DeVito, and from John Travolta to Tom Selleck, veteran actors are known to enjoy their cigars in their free time.

But the penchant to like cigars isn’t limited to stereotypical male celebrities alone. Their female counterparts are known to enjoy cigars just as much. From Dutch Master cigars to regular stogies, these women are known to hold extensive knowledge about the art of smoking.


As the richest female musician in the world, Rihanna’s name doesn’t need any introduction. Considered one of the biggest stars in the world, Rihanna has made a name for herself through her music as well as her recent makeup and fashion lines.

The multiple Grammy awards winner has been seen enjoying a cigar every now and then – which isn’t just limited to her acting credits in Hollywood. This includes both on screen instances of smoking a cigar and off screen observations of enjoying one in her free time.

If you want to enjoy the same way of consuming nicotine as the pop queen herself, then looking into options such as Dutch Master cigars would be a good idea.

Jennifer Lopez

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As one of the most well-known entertainers in the world, Jennifer Lopez is considered an icon in the music industry.

  1. Lo earned a Golden Globe nomination for her titular role in Selena (1997), and followed it with immense success as a musician afterwards. Since 1999, she has been ruling the pop charts and her fans’ hearts. To help you do the math, it’s been a whopping 20 years since the debut of her studio album.

At 50 years of age, Lopez has led an illustrious career consisting of various successes. That also includes her fashion choices, including the unforgettable Jungle Dress that she wore to the Grammy Awards in 2000.

  1. Lo has been known to enjoy cigars, and has been pictured with them on numerous occasions. Seeing how hard she has worked to get some free time of her own, it seems quite well deserved by every mean.

But if you want to enjoy a cigar of your own, it is not necessary that you become a pop icon first. By looking into options such as Dutch Master cigars, you could easily indulge into some luxury of your own.

Demi Moore

Known for her youthful looks, Demi Moore is no stranger to the world of cigars. As one of those celebrities who hold their beliefs quite transparent, the Ghost star posed for Cigar Aficionado magazine at a point in her career when it would have been considered risky for her to associate with tobacco.

Moore has continued to support her choice to smoke cigars. The Striptease actress has been noticed on multiple occasions with her favorite cigars in her hand, which goes on to show just how much she enjoys this way of consuming nicotine.

Whether you are a Moore fan or not, you could definitely take some inspiration from the actress and enjoy some Dutch Master cigars on your own. Naturally processed, high quality, and easy to buy, these cigars could easily become your primary choice to enjoy nicotine.

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