How to Choose a Great Vape Juice Flavor

Choice is a great thing and there’s no shortage of it in the vape juice market.  You can get lots of advice on how to select the right vape juice and the basics of using the equipment.  But what about the juice flavor?  How do you select the right one?

Types of vape flavors

The best place to start is understanding the types of vape flavors you will encounter when you visit a website selling these products.

One of the most popular categories are tobacco flavored e-liquids – after all, many people switch to vaping from tobacco smoking and the authentic flavor helps with the process.  The benefit is that you get the flavor but not all the tar, chemicals and carcinogens contained within normal cigarettes.  Variations include classic tobacco, Cuban, Eastern tobacco flavors and many more.

Single flavored juices highlight a single ingredient to offer a strong taste of it.  Fruit flavors are popular with this style, anything from apple to strawberry and more exotic fruits.  Other flavors can include coffee or cola.

Multiple flavor juices can either be a pre-made mix of flavors that imitate something – pie flavor is an example.  Or they can be a custom mix of flavors that you request made from a juice bar or even that you mix yourself from special kits.

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Nicotine levels

The other main component of vaping juice is the level of nicotine within it and it is important to understand this too.  There are various standards for how much nicotine is in the product and it is given as a percentage figure.  Examples include:

  • 0% nicotine – obviously, this is a nicotine free vaping juice that is ideal if you want to try vaping but have not smoked before as there is no addicting nicotine content
  • 0.6% nicotine – a very low level that is the same as smoking ten cigarettes a day and are ideal for people wanting to stop smoking entirely
  • 2% nicotine – these are ideal for a pack a day smoker who want to switch to vaping
  • 4% – one of the stronger normal vaping juice levels, this is for heavy smokers who need a high level of nicotine to replace the number of cigarettes they have been smoking

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There are some higher versions available for closed systems that can have as much as 4-5% nicotine but these should be approached with caution as the high amount of nicotine can make all but the heaviest smoker quite sick.

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