Dog Breeds with the Most Unique Ears

All dog breeds have their own specific traits. One of those traits happens to be their ears. Some breeds have more unique ears than others like the Corgi and Basset Hound. Which is your favorite?


Did you know that Corgis are actually born with floppy ears? As they grow, so do their ears! Some owners turn to taping Corgi ears to help them with the development of their well-known upward ears. Corgi ears usually start to raise and stick upward when they hit around eight weeks.

Basset Hound

The Basset Hound might have the cutest ears out of all the dogs. They are known for their large and floppy ears that are oftentimes larger than their heads. Their soft ears pair well with their droopy like face and are an irresistible trait for this loved dog breed.


Chihuahuas come in all sizes and colors, but one trait they all have is their point and characteristic ears. Some ears are more fluffy than others (that would be long-haired Chihuahuas), but they all are perky and point upright. This breed is known for actually showing expression in their ears so pay attention to when they perk up.

Many breeds tend to have unique ears from fluffy Shih Tzu ears to pointy Pit Bull ears. The most important thing is to make sure they are healthy!

If for whatever reason you think your pup is suffering from an ear infection, always take them to the veterinarian. Ears are cute, but they also serve an important function and when they get infected, it can be painful for your pup.


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