Dos & Donts at Live a Casino

There is an etiquette for every place whether you’re playing on land-based casinos or live. There are specific rules which regulatory bodies design for the benefits of players and the operators. While playing on online casinos, there are no interactions with players or the host. Players are mostly on their own with computers as their companions. 

However, when playing on live games at, players have to interact with dealers as well as players. The rudeness of a single player can affect the whole gaming environment. 

We have compiled some etiquette pointers for live casinos that can help make you an ideal player.

The Dos and Don’ts of the Gambling world

It’s essential to know the dos and don’ts of the gambling world before moving forward to any of its extended branches. 


  •     Be prepared to lose at some game
  •     Fix your budget for gambling
  •     Place appropriate stake
  •     Keep your gambling activities record
  •     Spend your casino winning wisely
  •     Learn new tricks and tips along the way to polish your gambling skills. 


  •     It’s not wise to spend more than you can manage.
  •     Never chase loses
  •     It’s wise not to indulge in gambling activities when upset, drunk or stressed.
  •     Unnecessary risks mostly result in regrets.
  •     Don’t gamble without knowing the rules.
  •     Use cash for gambling, rather credit cards or loans.

What are the dos and don’ts of live casinos?

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When joining a live dealer table, there are certain etiquettes to follow; 


  •     Greet the dealer when you start your session, and it’s polite to answer their Hellos as well.
  •     Behave as the dealer is sitting in the same room with you
  •     The cards to be dealt are your luck the dealers have no hand in it be polite whatever hands you receive.
  •     Show respect to the dealer and your fellow players.
  •     Keep in mind that dealers are also human and can make mistakes. Give them time to rectify their mistakes.
  •     Use God internet connection, software and hardware for the uninterrupted gaming experience.
  •     Set a budget for every game 


  •     Live dealer chat box is not a dating app and it’s not there to flirt with dealers
  •     Don’t use rude or abusive words
  •     Refrain from discussing sexual, political and religious talks in the chat room
  •     Do not interrupt the games with irrelevant questions
  •     Operators monitor chat rooms don’t forget that your rude behaviour can throw you out if the session
  •     Don’t blame the dealer for any hand you are dealt with.
  •     Don’t spend extended time on live casinos.

Which tips should players follow when playing at live casinos?

Here is some time that can help you in having a fantastic gaming experience on live casinos.

  •     Always look for a reputable casino license by robust regulatory bodies
  •     Choose an online casino with an extended live games collection.
  •     Turn to Pit Boss if you have any issue with the live game or dealer
  •     Choose live games wisely, always start with your favourite titles.
  •     Winning and losing is part of the game do not run after loses.
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