How to Repair a Broken Laptop Yourself

It’s with an air of disaster that we can sometimes discover our laptop is in some way broken, preventing us from performing our daily tasks. With professional repair jobs costing three-figure sums, and with new laptops often breaching four figures, it’s often preferable to take a look at your laptop yourself in order to judge whether you’re able to repair it on the cheap yourself. This guide offers some tips to help you do just that, saving you hundreds of bucks over the lifespan of your portable computers.


The first thing you should do when dealing with a broken laptop is to diagnose the issue. Is the issue stemming from the hardware or the software? Can you relate the issue to something that has happened recently – like a spilled glass of water on your keyboard – or is this malfunction out of the blue? What does the internet have to say when you type in the problem you have on your particular device? Answering these questions will help you find the repair necessary for your laptop.

Software Issues

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These issues tend to be easier to repair, and won’t require you to open up your laptop to inspect the hardware that helps power its processing speed. Software issues that break laptops can be most easily solved by enacting factory resets. The problem with these, of course, is that you will lose all of your data – and unless you’ve been fastidiously saving files onto the cloud, you may be reluctant to do this. If that’s the case, simply remove your hard drive and buy an adaptor that’ll enable to you transfer all the files you possess onto another computer before resetting your laptop.

Hardware Problems

There are a wide range of hardware issues that can impact upon your laptop. The trick to discovering what exactly is wrong in your particular case is twofold: look online to align your clues with the evidence provided by professionals, and then take your laptop apart in order to check which issue you might be suffering from.

One of the most common areas of your laptop that easily becomes damaged after wear and tear is your hard drive. Disk drives are mechanical, meaning that any bump that your laptop suffers can lead your hard drive needle to come into damaging contact with the hard disk. In these cases, you’ll ordinarily need to replace your hard drive. Buy an SSD piece of hardware, which is purely electronic, so that you’ll not experience this problem again.

Another common issue with laptop hardware is water damage. This can come from spilt liquids or from humid environments, and can compromise your motherboard. In order to check this, use the CircuitStudio software to map out your laptop’s circuit board, and discover which connection is compromised so that you can make the repair necessary to get your laptop back on its feet.

Laptops can suffer some wear and tear over the years, and often break on us at the worst moments. This article outlines how you can take matters into your own hands and perform laptops repairs on your own so that you’re able to continue working without spending large sums of money asking a professional to do the job for you.

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