Family Holiday

An all-inclusive hotel is the perfect way to spend your family vacation.

  • These all-inclusive offer the best rooms, food, combined with comfort and luxury.

Spending time with family these days has become more complicated; some prefer to be in front of the television or other technological devices, others enjoy staying at home, or maybe someone in the family would rather spend time with friends.

Despite all these differences, making time for a family getaway is beneficial and helps family members bond with one another without the stress and interruptions that come with daily life. Vacation time away together also improves communication and exposes everyone to experiences that will last a lifetime.

Planning time out of the city and away from the chaos of work and schedules can be easier than you think and there are multiple options that everyone can be excited about. All-inclusive hotels are the perfect option for the whole family to enjoy their time away.

These resorts can be found in tropical paradises such as Playa Mujeres, in Cancun, Mexico. All-inclusive, as the name suggests, take care of everything for you. They offer appropriate activities for all ages and tailor the experiences based on individual needs. These hotels provide the best rooms, food and don’t lack in comfort or luxury.

What makes an all-inclusive family vacation unique?

Picturesque Scenery: These hotels are surrounded by tropical landscapes with little nooks and romantic areas where you will be able to watch the gorgeous sunrises and sunsets.


One hotel that has breathtaking landscapes is Finest Resorts, which belongs to Excellence Group, located in Playa Mujeres in the north of Cancun, between a nature reserve and the Caribbean Sea. Imagine how spectacular!


Luxury Pools: The beaches and pools at these types of hotels are designed for relaxation and enjoying the warm weather. A concierge service is also located nearby to help tailor your vacation to all the different needs and questions that members of the family will have.

You can also enjoy the comfort of palapas; a traditional Mayan gazebo made of dried palm leaves. If you plan on traveling with small children, there are also kiddie pools and play areas with a selection of different activities to choose from. What can be more fun!


Personal Pleasures: When families opt for this type of vacation, they enter a world where everything is included. With spacious family suites that offer additional space for children, as well as services and activities designed for all ages. Each member of the family can create the vacation of their dreams.

Food and Drinks: All day is happy hour! All-inclusive hotels have open menus prepared by the most renowned national chefs so that everyone can enjoy Mexican and International gastronomic delights.

If you are looking for a more comfortable and private environment, you will also find multiple bars with the best mixologists who know how to prepare an array of cocktails to your liking.

Activities: Recreation and fun are also part of the all-inclusive package. Enjoy a variety of activities and free games. These types of hotels usually offer a variety of watersport activities such as kayaking and snorkeling.


Children can also enjoy these moments with their parents, since shared discoveries and experiences are what brings families closer. If you are feeling really adventurous, you can even partake in a professional nanny service!

Spending quality time surrounded by all your loved ones can be a reality. Freeing everyone from the hustle and bustle of the city and the chaos of daily life and surrounding them with love, luxuries and services is something that only a world-class resort can offer, making it the best way to spend a perfect family vacation.

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