Interesting Facts About Uganda

Planning on touring Uganda? Well, you’ll be pleased to learn that the country has a wide variety of tourist attractions and beautiful scenery. Tours in Uganda should definitely be on your bucket list. There are a lot of interesting facts that will get you excited about going on safari to this beautiful country also known as the Pearl of Africa.

Let’s get started with the fun facts.

Connection to The Nile River

Did you know that the source of river Nile is in Jinja, Uganda?  The Nile is referred to as the lifeline of Egypt. It is also the world’s longest river. The Nile, which is a Greek word meaning valley, is estimated to be about 6,600 kilometers. It flows through 9 African countries, but the largest percentage is found in Egypt and Uganda. Other countries where the Nile passes are Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Sudan, Ethiopia, and Burundi.

The World’s Largest Percentage of Mountain Gorillas Are in Uganda

The center of Uganda’s attraction is the mountain gorillas. Every year, thousands of tourists from all over the world flock to the country to see these rare and majestic species. The current population of mountain gorillas in the world stands at below 1000 gorillas. Half of them are found in the Bwindi Forest National Park and at Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda. The mountain gorillas are categorized as critically endangered and they face a number of threats, including diseases, poaching, and encroachment on their natural environment.

To track these animals, you will require a trekking permit of around $600.

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There Are More Than 1000 Bird Species in Uganda

Birdwatchers will be spoilt for choice in this bird haven. Uganda has great biodiversity, with more than 1,000 bird species residing within its territory. The country has 12% of the world’s population of birds and 68% of Africa’s bird population. Amazing, right? The species comprise of the African fish eagle, the crested crane, the Jacana, the African pygmy geese, the shoebill stork, among others. Some of the ideal locations to go for bird tours are Queen Elizabeth National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, and the Murchison Falls National Park.


Uganda is among the few countries in Africa that has the big five wild animals. The country is undoubtedly well endowed with wildlife and some of the best spots to enjoy these wondrous animals are at Kidepo Valley National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, and Queen Elizabeth National Park. For a spectacular view of the big 5, Murchison Falls National Park is a prime location. The wildlife safari is a must go. It will absolutely be worth your hard-earned money and time. And best believe you will want to come back again after that exhilarating experience.

Lake Bunyonyi

It is believed to be Africa’s second deepest lake. The lake is located in the south-western part of Uganda just next to the border of Rwanda. Lake Bunyonyi is about 1,962 meters above sea level. The magical lake has moderate temperatures throughout the year. There are lots of exciting activities at the lake, including community walks, fishing, and canoeing. You can rest assured that with these and other activities, your excitement gauge will be over its limit.

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