The Many Functions of a Coffee Table

You may not have ever given it much of a thought, but the coffee table that you have in your home or in your office needs to be something that not only helps to center the room and provide it with style, but you also wanted to have quality function. You may not think of your table as anything more than something to lay magazines on or have some type of decorative centerpiece on, but the truth is that the round and glass coffee tables that you see for sale today can be much more than what they seem. There are a number of different functions for coffee table in an office or home including:

  • Adjustable Tables-There are a number of coffee tables today that are made to be adjustable in different manners. Some tables can have a lift top that allows you to change the height of the top of the table so that you can adjust for different purposes. This could be ideal for you if you live in an apartment and use your coffee table as an eating space as well. You can lift the top up to get closer to use so it is that a more comfortable level. There are also adjustable tables that have different sections that may slide in and out to provide you with various looks and designs and give you extra space when you need it.


  • Storage Tables-Another function of some tables you find today are that they are built to provide you with additional storage areas. The tables generally have a top that can be taken off or opened and provide you with an interior space for you to store items. This can be good for a home where you want to be able to store things such as centerpieces, children’s toys or videos or other items that you want to be able to get to quickly and easily. Storage tables also make great office furniture because they provide you with additional space to keep magazines, books, brochures and other office items that you may not want in immediate view.


  • Ottoman Tables-You will also find that there are coffee tables that are perfect to double as an Ottoman in your living room, family room or office. There may be times where you just want to have a comfortable space to put your feet up and relax and the right coffee table can be perfect for this function. You likely are going to want to choose a table that has the proper top to it so that shoes do not discuss or mark the table itself.


The right coffee table can provide a great deal of versatility to any home or office space. You will want to look at some of the different home or office furniture Melbourne has for sale today so that you can find the perfect table to suit your needs. If you are looking for wooden round dining tables or a small coffee table or some other design, The Furniture People is the best place for you to shop in Melbourne. The Furniture People has all of the furniture and accessories you need to outfit your home or office in the most comfortable and stylish way possible.

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