Proper Storage and Maintenance Tips for Your Violin

Normally, violins can live on for centuries regardless if it’s an Amati, Guarneri, or Stradivari. The secret to a longer lifespan of any instrument is proper maintenance. So if you’re taking care of your violin really well, then expect it to last for hundreds of years.

The only challenge here is that, how do you keep your violin in perfect condition all year round?

Best Tips in Storing and Maintaining Violins

You don’t need to buy expensive instruments to make them last. All you need to do is know how to care for them and prevent damage no matter the conditions. So here are some helpful violin care and maintenance tips to help you prolong your instrument’s life:

  • Pick a good violin case. This is perhaps the most important thing you need to consider if you own a violin. You need to get a durable case with lots of padding to protect your instrument wherever you go. Also, consider the materials in order to get ultimate protection from damages while carrying your violin during transportation. Also make sure that the violin fits in it well and is weather-proof to avoid damages caused by humidity.
  • After using your violin, make sure it’s clean from excess rosin on the strings. The rosin is the white rubble you get after your play your instrument. It can cause dirt buildup and stickiness if you don’t remove it. Also, it can destroy your violin’s finish and overall built. Only use a soft, clean cloth with smooth texture to avoid scratches.

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  • Don’t use alcohol when cleaning your stringed instruments. Any liquids or alcohol can damage your violin so never use these solvents when cleaning. Instead, use dry cloth to remove dust, rosin, and other particles from your instrument. One technique you can do is to hold your violin a few inches away from your mouth and blow steam from it. This will be enough to get the dirt off but make sure to wipe off moisture from the instrument as well.
  • Avoid storing your violin in places with extreme temperatures. Whether you’re in a location with dry climate or freezing temperature, make sure to keep your instrument in a hard case to avoid moisture. Never leave it outside your house during a hot weather or a rainy day. Store it at a place that isn’t humid and keep it at a lower position to keep the instrument from falling.
  • Always keep the pegs in proper position. Tuning pegs must always be well-fitted in order to produce quality sound. So if you’re not using your violin, make sure they stay in proper position to avoid poor tune when playing it. You can apply peg dope to smoothen your peg stick.

These are only some of the ways to maintain your violin and keep it in good condition. Don’t forget to loosen your violin bows when not in use to avoid losing its camber. Lastly, make sure your hands are clean and your nails are properly trimmed whenever you touch the parts of your violin.

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