The Real Reasons You’re Not Getting Rid of That Car

Of interest to those who feel that the old gas guzzlers are just ruining the environment, is the revelation that a new car might not be the savior it proclaims to be. This is because the cost to the environment of manufacturing the car can be far more substantial than the 28% carbon dioxide emissions that take place over the life cycle of the car. Discover a few more reasons why it might be difficult to get rid of old faithful.

It Might Be on the Cards to Become a Classic

Collector’s cars fetch a pretty penny when they’re taken care of and some even carry more value than a midsize home in a decent area. But not every car is destined to become a vintage classic. Some of the requirements for an old car to appreciate in value, include rarity, whether it still has original parts, the state of the vehicle, special events surrounding the vehicle, and general collector’s interest. The most important consideration for a car to be deemed a classic is its age.

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The Old Jalopy Just Has No Value

It’s a rust bucket sitting in the backyard on blocks and there is simply no way to get rid of it. Many have come to take a look but the cost of transport outweighs its value. Surprisingly, there is a huge market for damaged car buyers who lap up the opportunity to get their hands on an old fix-me-upper. Whether they strip it down for parts, use it for scrap metal, or painstakingly restore it will depend on the buyer.

It Carries Sentimental Value

Sentimental reasons often top the chart as one of the top reasons car owners are reluctant to get rid of a car. Whether it previously belonged to a loved one or was the owner’s first car, it could be tough to get rid of the car. If the car is in a good running condition and carries a proper safety rating, there should be no reason to get rid of it. As long as it’s maintained and doesn’t prove to be a hazard on the road, a shiny new vehicle simply makes no sense.

An old family car could also be the ideal gift to that college student in the family who can’t afford to splash out on new wheels. It is also the best way for families to remain frugal and not run up excessive debt.

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