Top Tips for Setting up a Comfortable RV

As you will be spending a lot of time in the RV, it is important that it is a comfortable living space for you and your family. When you enter your RV you don’t want it to feel cold and dull. You want the space to be warm and relaxing.

There are many adjustments one can make to get their RV to feel cozier. Everything from furniture, décor, organization, and other features can make the RV instantly feel like home.

Here are our top tips for setting your RV up with comfort in mind.


Nothing is more stressful than walking into an RV filled with stuff. This is the time to purge of extra personal items that aren’t being used and clear the space. The more room you have to walk and sit, the more comfortable you will feel.

There are a few ideas to keep your RV clutter free. First, do not travel with a lot in the first place. Pack light instead so you have less clutter to begin with. Second, try to have multiple uses out of one item, for example, use a chair as a stepping stool. Lastly, get rid of one old item for every new one you buy.

Get rid of bulky furniture

RV’s usually come with unnecessarily massive couches and dinettes. Although this makes for comfy seating, it is too bulky for the space. An RV should ideally have one lounge sofa and a freestanding dining table. This will allow for a place for someone to lie down without it being in the way.

Keep in mind that if you are inputting household furniture into an RV it eliminates an additional sleeper sofa and extra storage. These amenities are usually found within the already installed RV furniture. 

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Optimize Storage

Some RV’s come with additional storage located underneath the RV. This is a fantastic opportunity to store tools, cleaning products, electrical wires, or lawn chairs. That way items that are mostly used outside don’t have to be stored on the inside of the RV.

To organize these items, store them in large plastic tubs or install a slide out tray. This makes finding everything you need hassle-free. In fact, storing all of your household items in containers is also helpful. This way they are sealed and protected from animals and won’t spill if they fall.


Some may assume that carpets are a better option for comfort but it is actually highly impractical within an RV. Considering you will be entering from the outdoors, a carpet will collect all the dirt and debris, making it a constant pain to clean.

Laminate or vinyl floors are a much better option. They are easy to clean and sweep and brighten the space, making your RV appear bigger than it actually is. If you are missing a bit of coziness at your feet, add an area rug.


Many people avoid the bathroom because it usually isn’t the most pleasant place in the RV. If the toilet is not treated properly with sewage chemicals and tank isn’t emptied frequently, it can cause terrible lingering odors. To avoid this issue, use odor and bacteria eliminated chemicals and empty your sewage tank every time it is halfway full. You can do this easily by getting the right macerator pump for your RV.

Once the tank is taken care of, add some fresh flowers or essential oils and finish off the space with fresh towels and rug. This will immediately make your bathroom more pleasant.


Adding decorative elements such as pictures and window treatments can make a huge difference inside of an RV. It is not recommended to place holes in the walls, but there are many non-permanent options for hanging pictures. You can use sticky hooks or hanging strips to hang up all your family photos.

Window treatments will serve more than one purpose. They will keep the inside of the RV cool and add a bit of warmth to the living area. Stay away from super heavy fabrics and elaborate patterns, as it will make the RV appear smaller. Choose light neutral toned curtains that will brighten the space.

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