Scrim Vinyl Banners and Their Advantages

Did you know that main street banners, which are used to announce fairs and concerts, are usually printed on a material called scrim vinyl? A scrim vinyl banner is an ideal choice for outdoor signage. This material is made from polyester mesh, with vinyl coating on the top. The layers of vinyl are generally laminated onto the polyester mesh, lending the material its high strength and durability. Some of these banners also have an additional layer to block the sunlight.

Scrim vinyl banners are a perfect choice for marketing campaigns that showcase creative and vibrant messages in their displays, says New York Banners, a reputed printing service for custom vinyl banners and posters.

Advantages of choosing scrim vinyl banner printing for outdoor signage and advertising:


The scrim vinyl is a highly hard-wearing material. Its high durability is due to incorporating a mesh layer between two vinyl layers. These banners last for years without the need for regular maintenance. If properly hung, a scrim vinyl banner will face the outdoor elements for more than a year and won’t look bad. The mesh in the material allows wind to pass through without damaging the banner, making them an excellent choice for outdoor advertising.

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Companies mainly prefer this material for outdoor events due to its high versatility. They can be made in any size and shape and printed with any image, text, and graphic, offering vibrant color outcomes. And the material is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Moreover, you can get this material in different weights and finishing options. Banners made of scrim vinyl are ideal for all types of occasions, from exhibitions and trade shows to parties, fashion shows, and outdoor or in-store advertising. Also, they can be re-used will help you save money.

Water Resistance

A sudden downpour can ruin your banner at an open-air event. However, most scrim vinyl banners have either water-resistant or waterproof characteristics. They can withstand the harshest climatic conditions. This further proves why these banners are an excellent choice for outdoor events.


This material is also eye-catching due to its extremely smooth surface. If you’re participating in a trade show, these banners can make your job of attracting customers easier, no matter what you’re trying to advertise.

Also, the mesh scrim provides rigidity to the vinyl banner, making the banner hang better. Some of these banners also have a blocking layer that makes them look opaque. Furthermore, there’s an optimized variety of scrim vinyl with which you can use UV-curable and pigment-based colors.

Banners are available in all shapes, sizes, and forms. But, if you need a banner that is durable and rugged and at the same time great to look at, scrim vinyl is an excellent choice for this. So go ahead and get custom outdoor banner printing done by an experienced service provider and convert viewers into customers.

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