Tan While You Shower Like The Stars

What do Kevin Bacon, Shannon Elizabeth, and Rex Lee (Lloyd from Entourage) all have in common–besides being C-listers in Hollywood? They all signed a ProSun Sunshower, that was auctioned off at Richard Branson’s foundation-you know the one that does that thing, to benefit those people, but really don’t know how. Anywho, Shannon Elizabeth actually scored one, so we at least know how she gets that nice even tan.

The ProSun is basically installed in your stand-up shower, and all you have to do is set the intensity and time of the tanning program before you step in. It’s supposed to be a great way to build a tan, and keep it without resorting to grueling hours outside in the sun-you know how much that sucks. It’s also supposed to be safer than direct UV light, but I’m sure that’s debatable. If you have the means, you can get yourself one for an unspecified amount of money over at ProSun.

You can watch how it works here (warning! vid contains mild blurred-out nudity).

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