Quality and Comfort: the Holy Grail of High Heel Shoes

One of the reasons people love shopping for elevator shoes online is the convenience that it gives in terms of flexibility, variety and options. Nonetheless, most people still find themselves craving that brick and mortar experience. Whether shopping for high heels shoes online or in person, think about the following if you want safe and quality shoes.


This is the first step when shopping for mens platform boots, long shoes for mens, or ladies high heel shoes and cannot be stressed enough. The situation with heels is especially tricky, considering the relative difficulty involved in balancing on them. Go as far as measuring the feet and do not assume anything. Most shoe stores or sections in department stores will likely have the right tools for measuring shoe sizes so this should not necessarily be a problem.

Brands and sizes

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Even with the classic size measurements, it is important to realize that different brands might have different metrics. The result of this is that one might have different sizes for different brands. For instance, one might be a size 6.5 in one brand and a size 6 in another. Further, it is important to know the differences between American and European size systems, and how to convert them in order to avoid confusion.

Shopping times

It seems unbelievable, but foot sizes actually change as the day progresses. Throughout the day, the foot will swell little by little. It is therefore advisable to try shoes out at the very end of the day in order to determine whether they are the right fit. Also, do not just try them out while seated. Walk around with them a little in order to get the right feel. A clever tip here is to take advantage of return policies. Look for a store with a decent return policy because most shoes will likely feel comfortable when first worn, but not necessarily after a few hours. With a sound return policy, it is easy to wear them, feel whether they will be comfortable enough and return them if not.

Quality indicators

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Not every high heel platform shoes are the same, and even though they might have the same basic structure, they do not necessarily offer the same quality. For instance, the soles are not all the same. When choosing heels, look at how they are attached to the rest of the shoe. If they are stitched then ensure the stitches are even and that they look secure. If they are glued on, then make sure there are no spaces at the edges where the soles could begin to peel off.

The highest quality heels are those that have seamless soles. If you are afraid of slipping, then look for heels that have a layer of rubber on the heel. This makes it much easier to walk and adds to the shoe’s grip. Finally, look at the details of the insole lining. Make sure it is made of leather and not any synthetic material that will make things uncomfortable when walking. It might also be useful to buy high heels online that are suitable for your body feet type. For instance, those who have large ankles are generally advised to not buy go for with ankle straps.

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