The Best and the Worst Countries in the World to Be in If You are a Vaper

In spite of studies supporting claims that vaping is a lot safer than smoking, there are nations around the world that impose higher taxes and greater limitations on vaping than smoking. Fortunately, most progressive nations are coming out of the ignorant mindset and accepting it with less prejudice than before. Whether you are a vaper planning your next trip or just someone who is trying to order his/her first vape pen, here are the top countries that you would want to be in for either one of those situations, as well as the worst.

Vaper’s Paradise


The neighbouring nation of United States lies right in the middle of the spectrum with some states imposing severe limitations on both vapers and businesses that deal with vaping products, but Canada is comparatively less strict a place to be in or travel to if you are a vaper. This is not to say that there are no vaping regulations in the country, because the entire nation imposes severe restrictions on both smoking and vaping tobacco or products that contain nicotine in them. However, that’s only relevant if your vape pen has nicotine in it, but if you are more of a weed person, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and multiple other places in Canada have very little restrictions on vaping whatsoever. Off the book, the Canadian enforcement officials are not really known for enforcing their vaping restrictions too frequently either!


The United Kingdom is probably the best place in the world right now to be in if you happen to be a vaper, because the National Heath Service (NHS) is in support of the idea that vaping can indeed be a healthier alternative to smoking. The NHS officially stated that their results are showing data that indicates vaping is 95% safer than smoking. The government also recommended that vaping should be and can be used as a much less harmful alternative to smoking, even when the product contains nicotine. You can legally order all your vaping products from this UK vape shop at and have them delivered to your doorstep as long as you are within the jurisdictions of the United Kingdom. You are also free to vape in most public places, but whether you are allowed to do so or not in an enclosed public or private place depends entirely on the organisation or the individual in charge. In other words, the state does not restrict vaping in UK and actually promotes it in certain situations.

New Zealand

Perhaps the only other nation which can surpass even the UK with their positive attitude towards e-cigs and vaping in general is New Zealand. The Ministry of Health has taken up a method which seeks to eliminate the habit of smoking altogether by replacing it with vaping. The anti-smoking organisations in the country employ vaping as a necessary part of their no-smoking campaign and offer them to individuals who are trying to quit. Even if you are not actually trying to quit smoking, New Zealand is an awesome place to be in as a vaper, not to mention the fact that it is one of the most beautiful countries in the world to visit.

The No-Vaping Zone!


A trip to Bangkok is common and borderline mandatory these days, but did you know that even being caught with a vape pen in your possession can get you sentenced to as much as ten years in a Thai cell? It isn’t uncommon to see people vaping and smoking openly in Bangkok, but you are always taking a chance if you do so because the Thai government has banned smoking and vaping completely and strictly in the country.


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Just like in Thailand, buying, using, selling, importing, manufacturing and exporting all smoking and vaping related products is completely illegal for both foreigners and citizens in Singapore. The punishment for disobeying the rule can qualify offenders to anything from very heavy fines to outright jailtime.


It is almost ironic that New Zealand is considered to be one of the best places in the world to vape in, while the neighbouring nation of Australia happens to be one of the worst for the same. What is even stranger is the fact that it is one of those rare places in the modern world where vaping is considered to be worse than smoking. While smoking is not illegal but only regulated in Australia, all forms of liquid vaping products are completely illegal in the country. Any form of nicotine inhalation or ingestion other than smoking is classified by the Federal Department of Health and Ageing as poison!

Now that we have discussed the best and the worst places to be in as a vaper, it’s time to cross a few nations off that holiday destination list.

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