Tips on Impressing the In-Laws

Meeting Russian Parents and Making a Good Impression

Meeting Russian parents may seem a scary milestone. Suppose you have managed to snag one of those beautiful Russian women and the time has come for you to meet her Russian family! First and foremost, meeting the parents is a big and positive step in any relationship. You should try to learn Russian etiquette from your fiancée or girlfriend, and know what is expected of you when meeting a Russian family. Since every family is unique, you should also learn what her parents like, specifically. Meeting parents for the first time is extremely important because it gives them the first impression of their future son-in-law.

Be Polite and Courteous

First of all, 101 on how to impress girlfriend’s parents all over the world states: be polite and courteous. If you can be respectful, considerate, and polite, you are halfway towards making a positive impression. Do not appear shifty but rather shake hands and make eye contact. Making eye contact shows that you are straightforward and honest. It is also a good gesture to bring a gift or even several gifts right from the initial visit.

Dress Appropriately

Russians are generally conservative. Your dressing style may make either a bad or a good impression on your prospective in-laws. A button-down shirt is a good example of decent dressing. Do not appear too official or too casual. Fancy dressing, T-shirts, or anything extreme may cause a frown. If you need some help, please do some research on how to dress to meet the parents or ask your girlfriend or fiancée what she thinks would be appropriate.

Compliment Your In-Laws!

Do not be stingy with compliments. Your prospective Russian mother-in-law will love it if you say she looks great, and both your parents-in-law will be pleased if you like their house. Russians are particular about furniture and the way they design their houses. It will help if you show some appreciation for these things. However, do not lie or pretend. Just find things you like and voice your thoughts truthfully. You do not want a pretentious relationship with your in-laws.

Be Sincere

Most Russian parents or families take marriage very seriously. If you have not yet decided to get married, you should be honest. However, please note that many Russians frown upon romantic relationships that are not headed for marriage. There is a certain standard expected of beautiful Russian brides to be found on places like or grooms for that matter.

Show That You Love Their Daughter

One of the best ways to win the in-laws when meeting Russian parents is to display the love you have for their daughter. They want to know that their daughter is in good hands. So do not hesitate to tell them how great their daughter is and do not be afraid to show it. But do not go overboard: some parents frown at too much public display of affection. An exchange of smiles, perhaps a quick kiss, pulling the chair for her, or a touch of hands would be just enough. These are good gestures of affection.

Be a Part of the Conversation

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Do not act bored. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Ask for advice. Appreciate the jokes. A good conversation can help you bond with your in-laws much faster. Tell them something about yourself. But do not overdo it and do not bore them! Do not speak too much, but do not be too silent. Balance is everything.

Show Genuine Interest in the Family and the Parents

Once you marry a Russian girl, you essentially become a family member. Russian families are of a type that includes in-laws, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins. Therefore, you should treat this new family as your own and show interest in what goes on. How are the members of the family doing? What personal experiences do they have? Even enjoying and appreciating their food can go a long way!

Therefore, considering the importance of meeting the girl’s parents (especially for the first time), you should be prepared and strive to make a good impression. It could be the difference between getting a nod of approval and failing the test. You can also find some helpful advice online and go to Russian Dating Reviews to learn from other people’s experiences.

While it is important to understand foreign culture when marrying a foreign girl, it is also important to understand your in-laws and their expectations. That is why it would help to do a little background work before meeting Russian parents. Your Russian bride should help you fit in. Remember, she wants you to make the right impression. It would help matters, too, if you learned a few Russian words. Nothing thaws the hearts of people more than a foreigner who speaks their language or at least shows some interest. Best of luck and may you find happiness. Russian brides and Russian wives hold nothing back when it comes to love and commitment, and you will not regret it. Especially if you have the additional advantage of being liked by your in-laws!

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