Which Tires Are Right For Your Motorcycle?

Taking your motorcycle out on the road is always a great experience, but are you getting the most out of your ride? If you’re a serious biker, then you already know that the best way to improve your machine’s performance is to put time and effort into it. But while most people focus on things like brakes or speed, the fact is that your tires are going to make more of an impact on your handling. As such, today we’re going to discuss the best way to figure out which ones are best, from Enduro tires to Harley.

What Kind of Bike do You Ride?

Before you can even hope to understand how your tires can be improved, you first have to know what kind of riding you’re doing. Each type of motorcycle, whether it’s a cruiser or a street bike, is designed for a particular type of tire, so it’s crucial that you choose accordingly. Don’t get a set of tires that’s built for a bike that you don’t have.

Tube vs. Tubeless

When riding a bicycle, you’ll notice that your tires come with an inner tube. This is because the spokes are not that sturdy, which means that your tire can move around a lot while you ride. However, for motorcycles, you can have cast wheels, which are much more durable. If that’s the case, then tubeless tires are the better option.

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Tread and Pattern

It’s easy to get these mixed up or assume that they are the same thing. However, the tread is what provides the grip, while the pattern is what diverts water away when the ground is wet. Faster bikes need high-performance tread, but they may not have a pattern, meaning that you should avoid riding after a rainstorm.


How are your tires shaped? Unlike a car’s tire, motorcycles are sloped to maintain traction during a tight curve. For fast models, this slope will be more pronounced because your turns will be much sharper.

Overall, it’s critical that you keep all of these factors in mind when picking out a set of tires for your motorcycle. If you don’t optimize each component, then you will be limiting your ability to ride effectively. To find out which tires are best for your needs, visit bikebandit.com.

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