Top Tips to Make Your Emmy Viewing Party a Success

The nominations are in and the stage is set. The 71st Primetime Emmy Awards will be aired on September 22, 2019. Broadcasted live on Fox, the awards night is not to be missed by pop culture enthusiasts.

If you have watched over 90 percent of the nominated shows; if you are emotionally invested in the results of more than one category; or if you are rooting for Game of Thrones’ cast for their final awards season, then it can be safely assumed that you are going to host an Emmy viewing party.

From arranging cigarette papers to setting drinking games, here are a few tips that will make your viewing party an event to remember.

Roll Your Own Cigarettes or Joints

One of the best ways to start a live TV viewing party is to garner the interest of everyone involved. And what better way to do that than getting them to roll their own cigarettes?

By using high quality rolling or cigarette papers, you can get your guests to feel more invested in the party.

You could set out a few different varieties of cigarette or even pipe tobacco, and let your guests take their picks. If you are in a state where marijuana is legal, then you could even offer cannabis to be rolled into joints.

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Setup a Drinking Game

There’s so much drinking game fun to be had at the Emmys.

Set up rules to taking a shot whenever something predictable happens. For instance, you could take a shot whenever a winner exceeds the time limit on their speech. You could take a shot when Julia Louis-Dreyfus wins another Emmy for Veep. And you could take a shot when Game of Thrones wins an award.

Cook Themed Dishes

Whether you get a cake saying “Ew, David!” in honor of Schitt’s Creek’s nominations, or if you get some shepherd’s pie to commemorate Villanelle and Eve’s twisted dynamic from Killing Eve, you have a lot of options at your disposal for the menu.

And if you are to enjoy your smokes with your food, then the rolling or cigarette papers you used before the party would come in very handy along with your snacks.

Fill Out Your Predictions Before the Party

Another thing to do before the party is to fill out your predictions for the Emmy winners (you can access the full list of nominations here).

If your favorites win, then you get a chance to poke fun at your peers. If not, then you can simply take a hit from your custom-made cigarette or joint.

All in all, this gives you a great chance to make use of some TV knowledge as well as your cigarette papers. And it’s something that you can only enjoy during the Emmys.

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