Travel hacks for business travellers in Malaga

Malaga airport is a busy place, almost 19 million travellers head through it’s terminals every year and for those flying out from there for business, joining those crowds can make business travel all the more frustrating.

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Regular business travel is already exhausting enough, with being away from home for long periods, irregular working hours, potential for delayed or cancelled flights, what you do not need is for that experience to be made any more challenging than it already is.


But there are some small hacks that can help avoid some of the nightmare you have to face. As always preparation is key.

Book your airport parking in advance


With so many people using it car parking Malaga airport can get very busy. The only way to guarantee a parking space, without paying exorbitant prices is to book in advance and this is very easy to do online.


It also means that you can do your research and pick a place with good security, good prices, and check out the extras you will also get, for example cleaning inside and out while you are away which is an added bonus.

You also want to be sure that they are accessible 24 hours a day, for that middle of the night return flight, and that the security is well thought out. The idea is that you will just be able to roll up to the parking, hand over your keys and hop on the shuttle and get on your way, knowing you return pick up will be just as simple.




Get there early enough to allow for problems


Although nobody wants to spend hours trapped in an airport, it is far better to get there a little earlier. After all, if they are calling your gate while you are stuck behind 300 suntanned families heading home with young children that is not ideal to say the least.


So allow yourself enough time to cater for these types of eventualities. You can always grab a coffee and read a book if you have time spare. Or get your laptop out and do some work.


It is also worth making sure you have downloaded the airline apps for your flight as often the information on these is a lot more timely than the airport departures board.


Remember your chargers for your devices


Travel these days is made a lot easier thanks to the many electronic devices available. Laptops, ereaders, tablets, mobile phones are all great for a little entertainment during the flight.


But there are three things that can render these devices as useless as a house brick. The first of course is running out of battery. Remember to bring all your chargers, or if travelling light a multi charger that is compatible with all your devices. And of course the plug adaptor for where ever you are travelling to. Many savvy travellers will have a charging kit that lives permanently in their travel case to avoid this.


The second is forgetting to download the things you want to watch or listen to, or play before your flight, and there is no wifi connection on board. The third is forgetting a pair of headphones.



Pack light and use all the space you have


The best thing to do is to have a travel case that already contains a duplicate item for everything you usually use at home. And travel size if you are looking at liquids such as shower gel or toothpaste.


That way all the essentials are there and you can just pick up the bag, throw some clothes in and go. Make sure you use up all the space by rolling your clothes and using the inside of shoes for example. And be sure not to fall foul of size restrictions on hand luggage by opting for a rucksack. It is far less likely this will end up in the hold with you waiting for it at the other end.

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