Uni Health: Your Mind and Body on a Student Budget

There are no two ways about it: school is tough. Juggling your social life, your classes, your assignments and your health is no easy feat – but it is the first step along the way toward adulthood and personal independence. You’ve got to budget both time and money. You’ve got to be responsible for your work. You’ve got to do your own laundry, possibly for the first time ever. Pretty scary stuff, huh? What matters most, however, is getting your priorities in order and, at the top of that long list, should be both body and mind.

Health always comes first. Physical health, mental health, stress – whatever your issue, it’s easily solved. Here are three sets of tips and tricks to help you calm the deadline storm without breaking the student bank.

Your Body is a Temple

So, treat it right! So many health issues can be avoided while at Uni by simply living a balanced and active life. Yes, your desk is your home. Essays won’t write themselves, after all. But how about a morning run to get those circuits charged beforehand? A little time to yourself for a home cooked meal? A simple stretch or two before bed? Little things add up, so get into the habit and stick to it.

One problem many students face, in particular, among others, is eye strain. Screens, long distance lectures and constant mobile phone use all take their toll, so do yourself a favour and get your eyes tested. A pair of glasses or popular contact lenses don’t have to be a financial burden, and you’ll thank yourself for it later. Eye health is a lifelong issue, and it’s best to get off on the right foot whilst young. Already know your specs for monthly lenses? A quick search for cheap contact lenses online is the first step to happy, long-term vision.

Mindful Means Merry


Uni life is so often fast-paced and relaxation often comes at the cost of a pretty penny or two. We’re talking drinks at the campus bar, a trip to the coast, a new game or system to play at the weekends. There are other, cheaper ways to keep your life balanced and your mental game intact, however. Why not try getting out in nature? Practice mindfulness and slow down your day. Then, there are board games, a chat over homemade tea, or taking part in a Uni-run event. Expense doesn’t always mean value. There are others going through the exact same thing as you are, so team up, group up and chill out with purpose.

Stress, Sleep and What to Do About It

School can be overwhelmingly stressful, especially during exam season. So, what can you do to help yourself out on the cheap? Not everyone can afford regular spa days, after all. Well, you can start by sleeping; better, deeper and on a regular schedule. A good night’s rest does wonders for resetting the emotional tolls of the day before. In fact, the health benefits of regular, proper sleep are practically endless.

As with proper eye care, sleep hygiene is a lifelong commitment to health and happiness. In order to get in on this modern miracle, however, you’re going to need to manage your student time. No more all-nighters. A little less clubbing. A set and regular time that your head hits the pillow, with no distractions. There are plenty of apps on your phone to help out if needed.

At the end of the day, taking care of your health isn’t always fun. In fact, it can often be a chore. But if you grin and bear it, things will improve.

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