How to Prepare Yourself for Life After University

As the ‘real world’ beckons, it can be incredibly intimidating thinking about life after university, especially if you’re still hoping to bag one of those lucrative internships.

However, there are a number of things you can do now that’ll prepare you for the transition into post-university life. So here are some things to help get you started:

Make Sure Your CV Stands Out from the Crowd

First things first, before you start applying for every job under the sun, make sure your CV is worth reading and really sells you.

Cover your education history as well as any jobs you’ve had (even if they do seem a little unimpressive or irrelevant). Even those clubs you joined at university may boost your odds of securing an interview.

And don’t forget to personalise each job application by tweaking your CV and cover letter. Nothing is more off-putting for an employer than a clearly copy-and-pasted covering letter that’s not even relevant to the job you’re applying for.

Yes, this may seem quite time-consuming but trust us, it’s worth it.

Update Your Online Presence

If you haven’t got a LinkedIn profile, now’s the time to create one. Employers often do an online search for candidates, so if you’ve got a professional-looking profile, you’ll be one step ahead of some of the other candidates.

Make it shine by including all of the finer details that are on your CV and then start interacting with other people in groups and forums on the site. Connect with people you know, follow things that are relevant to your field and ask for recommendations from previous employers.

Then, do a thorough check of your other social media sites. Are they private so employers can’t see those embarrassing pictures? And is your profile picture respectable enough?

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Consider Buying a Car

Finally, while spending money or getting finance on a car might not be at your top of things to do, think about just how much this may help you.

Not only does it give you some much-needed independence (especially if you’re moving back in with your parents) but it’s also a huge bonus when you’re looking for work too. If employers know you can drive and have your own transport, this adds to your reliability – particularly if they are remote or travel-based.

Companies like the AA are a great place to get started and to secure the best deal. You might not get that top-notch Mercedes you’d love, but anything with four wheels will do for now.

And you never know – with the transport to get you to the interview, a stellar CV and great online presence, that job you’re about to get could put you one step closer to that dream car.

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