Why Your Business Needs Heightened Authentication

We are facing the reality of a fragile economy, and any time you hit a recession, there is a possibility of lots of fraud. People cannot pay for the things they usually buy, so they go about trying to obtain them in dishonest ways. Between lack of funds and hacking networks, so many people & businesses are increasingly vulnerable these days. And no one needs to worry about identity theft in the midst of a global pandemic, among the other issues that challenge us in 2020. Whether you sell fruity white wines or horse grooming supplies, increasing authentication on your ebusiness is a necessary step in these uncertain times.

Multi-factor authentication

Many businesses & services often require multi-factor authentication for lots of transactions. As is recognized in the business world, there are three main forms of authentication: something you know, something you have, and something you are. Something of you know, of course, is a password, PIN code, secret handshake, or any number of combinations of phrases and numbers that can get you in. Authentication involving something you have might be keys, smartphones, tracking devices, a USB, or any other object that can get you in somewhere. Authentication involving something you are is also known as biometric authentication. This can include fingerprints, retina scans, facial recognition, or anything else related to your physical form. Although there are many folks who get nervous around too much physical authentication, many two-factor identification forms require something you know (a password) and something you are (a fingerprint).

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Going beyond multi-factor authentication

Sometimes, speed must be sacrificed for the sake of safety. There are many services out there that provide authentication based on signatures, and that can help you out with those services. Of course, with security as a priority, that means that appropriate and secure authentication can take a slightly longer. Two-factor authentication can be a speedy method of logon and payment verification, but sometimes customers worry about too much data being collected. If you are a business seeking help with that, the folks at OneLogin can help you.

Authentication in a remote business world

2020 has created an intense speed up in remote business models. E-business is booming, and not just Amazon. However, with so much commerce completed online, hackers and grifters are not far behind. Although most e-businesses have moved rapidly to fulfill orders online and keep shoppers secure, the need for authentication is ever-changing. A service such as EMV 3DS can help to keep your e-business secure and your authentication practices up to date. Their risk based authentication boasts a 95% success rate. Their services also allow for customers to pay for items by way of pass tokens, rather than inputting credit card numbers. This allows for increased customer confidence. Also, the EMV 3DS model is aligned with the EU required standards as well as other international Payment Services Directives around the world.

We are living in an increasingly isolated but connected world. However, for all that connects us, those that seek to do harm can divide us. This is why security measures are as important, if not more important than ever.

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