Five Conference Planning Tips that Will Help Make the Process a Breeze

Has your boss tasked you with planning your very first conference? Are you in mini-meltdown mode going over all the possible scenarios in your head of how you could mess this opportunity up? Planning an event or large conference is a huge responsibility but it’s also a great opportunity to show your boss you’ve got what it takes and that you can make it in the business.

In order to help you get through this rather daunting task, we’ve put together five conference planning tips that will help to make the process a breeze and get you the credit you deserve.

Start with the Budget

In order to plan an incredible conference that meets your boss’s needs you need to be given a set budget. Without this budget you really don’t have anything to work within. The budget will help you to determine where you can hold the event, what kind of services you can offer, and what areas you can afford to put more money into.

As you start to look more closely at the budget you’ll also be working to create a vision for the conference itself.

Spend Time Researching Venues

Perhaps the most important step in the conference planning process is picking a venue that fits your needs. Not only does it need to accommodate the number of attendees you will have, it will need ample parking, to be in a convenient location, have the ability to offer the tech equipment you need, have trade floor space if applicable, food and beverage services, and a point-person that you can reach at any time to ask questions and help you with the planning.

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Know When to Call in the Professionals

While there is a lot you can do as far as planning goes, it’s also important that as the project coordinator, you know when it’s time to call in the professionals. Knowing when something is over your head, or beyond your own expertise will help ensure the job gets done correctly the first time.

One area that professionals could absolutely help with is with the audio and visual components of the conference. Take for example Houston AV Production – Audio Video Production Services, which as its name implies offers high-tech audio-visual services that are sure to impress your boss and the attendees. A professional service such as this one can come in, assess your needs, and get to work on putting together 3D motion renderings, scenic design and custom fabrication, custom lighting, and so much more.

Find Vendors That Are Easy to Work With

Chances are you’ll be working with a variety of vendors, so this is another area you want to be picky. The vendors need to fit within your budget but they should also be easy to reach and communicate with.

Give Thought to the Speakers You Choose

The final tip has to do with guest speakers, should your conference include them. Rather than just picking the first few that come to mind, be sure to look for those who are industry leaders, who are up on the current trends, and who have something to say so that the audience gains something from their presentation.

All of these tips will help you to put together a conference that is successful and earns you the recognition you deserve.

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