Winning Real Money in a Very Unreal World

It’s like the Matrix mated with the Minority Report in the middle of a Vegas casino lobby and gave birth to this hybrid of online gaming. The future is now and Virtual Reality gambling is now in fact reality itself. Coming out of Vegas this week games developer IGT has launched not one but two VR games. Amidst the world of online gambling and its products, they can turn stale very quickly and the need to find the big change is rapidly pursued by the many because if you get it right, then everyone is going to want a piece of the action, real or not. 

IGT is one of America’s foremost developers in the industry and when not welcoming gamblers through sites like to have free goes on their games with insane free bonuses, they are of course scoring 10 out of 10 in the labs with such creations in the realms of Virtual Reality.

The Move Forward is Virtually Impossible to Ignore

This is where we all stand and wave goodbye to nostalgic game playing, once VR becomes a commercial success the closest you will get to the 90s feel of playing a slot machine in a bar will be in your living room with a drink in your VR glove and seeing other strangers through your VR goggles. Times demand this and for casinos, this is a much-needed boost to an industry that is usually on the border of innovation.

Currently, the best a casino member can hope for in innovative techniques in a casino game would be that the slot grid does a new trick but the principle is still the same… just keep tapping ‘spin’. Not overly engaging until a big win lands, then all is forgiven for the mundane process. Still, change is a necessity because there is competition looming that could provide a bit of a problem for the casino operator.


Where Money Becomes a Real Issue

The concern for the casinos online is this… What stops the world of VR gaming with standard consoles gameplay like Xbox and PlayStation not going down this route? Currently, the gaming market in this arena is seeing huge funds following transactions made by the FIFA game. Tournaments exist for cash rewards, so where is the line drawn? Is there even a line?

The optimist will say “good, everyone needs a kick up the backside and competition”, and the casino industry needs a big kick.

The ideal plan is this; you place your goggles and gloves on, you enter the casino and sign in you walk through the lobby, like those real ones, remember them? You select your game and either take a seat at the table or stand and play. For those that love online slots you won’t watch the game play out, no, no, that would be far too simple. Instead, you will be in the game feeling that you are physically turning the reels. It is going to be insane but then again there are other industries that have their VR work cut out, say no more!

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