2017 Summer Fashion Trends For the Office

2017 is finally around the corner, and, as always, fashion designers are the first people to start worrying. They have to define how people will look in the New Year. Again, they need to make every year have a style or iconic fashion of its own. This time, we joined the fashion designers and learnt what they are planning for the ladies’ office fashion trends in 2016. Read on to know what to expect.

The Classic Look

This trend hardly ever goes away or gets old. Therefore, it comes back around in 2016. It is defined by simplicity. This is where the ladies try to match their tops with their skirts, shorts or pants. It is the most common dressing style. However, this time, the designers have added a statement piece to it. Expect outstanding ‘fun items’ to accompany the look such as jewelry, colored nails, unique bags and designer watches amongst others.


The Casual Business Look

This one is mostly for the entrepreneurs and lady bosses. It is also known as the “I-can-wear-jeans-to-work style. Owing to its freedom of choice, it is hard to fixate this style to one definition. However, in general, the ladies will always be in heels, an outstanding feminine top, a professional bag and a blazer to top it up. The accessories will be determined by one’s job. Quite impressive, right?

The Careless Chic

Freestyling never got this real! This trend is for the lady that loves fashion but is not constrained by mainstream trends. In short, they wear what they like; not what the streets want. The idea of the Careless Chic is to [intentionally] play with looks, shapes and then clash the items. It can involve borrowing ideas from other trends and putting them together. Throw in some heels and the style comes off as street-style-worthy.


The Glamorous-at-the-office Look

This is an office look for the females that prefer sky-high heels, bright lips and dressing that works perfectly in office and evening dinner cocktails. These are the sexy ladies that rule our planet! Number one, the heels are a must. Second, massive bags and clutches. Third, expensive scents, silky blouses, statement [gold] necklaces and rich fabrics. If you do not fear to flaunt, this style suits you all right!

Evidently, it is going to be an interesting year. Those grotesque Monday mornings will be a thing of the past, judging by the killer fashion trends falling in place. In as much as some of the trends are improvements from previous styles, the effects they promise will surely illuminate 2016. We cannot wait!

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