4 Elements Every Party Needs

A party is more than just getting together and dancing and having fun.  These gatherings are celebrations, fun, and getting out together to celebrate something bigger.  Although you could get away with calling almost any group a party, there are some things that every good party has to have.  What puts people into motion to why they even show up: here are the top things a party needs to be considered memorable.


Why are you throwing this party?  Is it a holiday celebration?  A birthday party?  A fun time to celebrate the fact that winter is over?  Although it’s a fun idea to throw a party just because you want to, people get far more interested when there’s a purpose behind it.  Consider why you want to throw the party, and what will drive you to pay for everything, and put time into setting it up and cleaning it after. 


Although it might sound fun to stand around and talk with your friends, there’s more to a good party than just meeting up.  Some entertainment forms are necessary to ensure people are excited and keep talking about the event after it’s ended.  What you decide is the worthy entertainment is unique to your party.

Music is a must for a house party or any party where you want people to have fun.  You can hook up your Spotify account to some speakers, and that’s fun: but live musicians make a party magical.  You can find an artist for hire who covers your favorite singer, or you can find a DJ who will create a custom playlist for your event.  Whichever you pick, it’s far better than the quiet of a boring party.

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Food is one of the best ways to get people to gather.  You don’t have to make your party a classy ‘fish or chicken’ event, but you should offer something for people to eat.  If someone’s hungry, they’re more likely to leave a party earlier rather than someone who can snack and eat as they go.  What type of food suits your party?  If there’s no specific theme, consider what type of food you, or the attendees, enjoy eating.  There’s a range of possibilities, from fun ice cream buffets to the classic party fare like hot wings and snacks.  If you keep people fed, they’ll stay longer and have better things to say about the celebration.


Your party needs to have a start and an ending time limit.  The opening is easy enough; people need to know when to show up and expect other people to be there.

There’s nothing wrong with having a party you want to last forever, but you shouldn’t let it drag on until people are falling asleep at it.  Set the hours, like from nine in the evening to three am, and then attempt to stick to that.  It might feel a little silly to have set hours like this, but it’s better than people deciding they’re going to spend the night instead of going home when the party has ended.

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