5 Awesome Apps You Didn’t Know About

By the end of 2018, there were over 2.1 million apps available for Android users and over 2 million apps for Apple device users, according to Statista.com. With the rapid development of new applications for our smart devices, it’s not hard to let a few of the very best ones slip by you without even knowing it.

Here are some of the best finds in 2019 that are sure to excite anyone in the digital age.

Abbey Road’s Topline

Topline by Abbey Road is a real treat for musicians, as it was created by other musicians and is basically a mobile recording studio on your phone. This app is certain to make your band’s life easier by being able to organize your files, import them and convert them to make it easier to share your newest tracks. Whether you’re in a ska band, rock band, or any other genre, you’ll be impressed with Topline’s capabilities.


If you’re a book worm, we’ve got an app that is sure to strike your fancy. Libby is basically a public library that you can check out books from at the tip of your fingers, making it easier for you to get through your bucket list of reads at a faster rate. Even though you won’t have the chore of walking or driving to your nearest library, you’ll still be required to have your own Libby library card. This app is available on both Android and iOS.


Are you one of the thousands of victims of constant spam and telemarketing calls? Fear not, Nomorobo has your back. Studies show that there has been an increase in those annoying and disruptive calls made to mobile phone users every day, which is why this app was developed. Nomorobo’s mission statement promises to filter out all of those kinds of calls before they even hit your ringer, no longer threatening to interrupt that important meeting or date again.


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Evernote Meetup Paris

Whether you’re a student, CEO, freelancer or just an avid notetaker, Evernote is here to make your life much easier. The basic plan is free and definitely enough to get your started with your first couple notebooks, which you can type, write and even scan photos into. There isn’t much of a better digital thinkpad out there, as this app allows you to keep everything within the scroll of your fingers instead of pages and loose papers all over the place.


One of the best parts of getting a new phone, or updating a current one, is being able to customize the wallpapers and ringtones to your heart’s content. Even though most phones come with a decent stock selection, you might be craving the sound of your favorite song with every phone call, or a notification sound that makes you laugh. Zedge has a huge library of free wallpapers, ringtones and notification tones that are sure to keep you entertained as you go about your daily life. It can be especially handy if you’re someone that likes to mix up your phone’s look and sound every few weeks as there are endless options available.

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