5 External Factors that Affect Productivity

Mind over matter. It’s a mantra that applies to a myriad of different situations. And it is truly impressive how well the human mind can cope with adverse circumstances. However, the reality is that outside forces absolutely affect the way we go about our day. Indeed, it’s myopic to suggest that the key to peak productivity is solely down to concentration and internal drive. Here, we’ll take a look at the top five external factors that affect productivity. Whether you’re studying for a big test or taking on a big project at work, you’ll want to keep this list handy to give yourself the best possible odds at success:


Believe it or not, research suggests that higher temperatures correspond with decreased productivity rates. Of course, extreme internal temperatures –– below 60F and above 90F –– are likely to upset the concentration of even the most diligent professional. Note also that men and women typically react to temperature differently. So if you work alone, you may decide to keep your home office at a higher or lower temperature than “normal.”

Noise Pollution

Noise pollution comes in a variety of forms. From chatty coworkers, to street traffic, individuals often have to deal with a variety of distractions in their workspace. Though many professional environments could benefit from an office renovation to reduce distracting noises, sometimes employees have to do their best in less-than-ideal situations. A good pair of headphones could be your best friend if you have to deal with noise pollution regularly.

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No, human beings are not plants. But when it comes to productivity, humans do tend to prefer lots of natural light –– much like photosynthesizing organisms. In truth, exposure to natural light can improve sleep patterns, ward of seasonal depression, and boost vitamin D levels. Opening up a few windows can do a power of good for your mental and physical state.


While some people prefer to operate alone, it’s impossible to deny the benefits of a reliable work partner. Whether you’re developing a business plan or creating a slideshow, a helpful partner can provide a big boost to your energy and engagement levels.

Subject Matter

It’s only natural that people will engage with projects and assignments that resonate with them. Of course, exactly what interests one person as opposed to another is subjective. Still, when individuals have a strong vested interest in a project, they’ll perform with greater effort and attention. At the end of the day, if you’re not happy to work on a project, then finding the motivation will be tough –– regardless of how well you prepare yourself and your space.

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