6 Movies Perfect for Valentine’s Day: 90’s Edition

You just scheduled your appointment at thrivemdclinic.com for the day before Valentine’s Day. You completely forgot the holiday of love was coming up so quickly! What better way to enjoy the day than by enjoying a movie either alone or with your honey?

The 90s are unmatched when it comes to rom coms. Here are 6 movies perfect for Valentine’s Day. Let’s get into it!

Ever After

Drew Barrymore takes us on a romantic roller coaster in this play off Cinderella. Ever After is perfect for those who enjoy classic fairytales with a twist. It makes a great movie to cozy up to on Valentine’s Day if you’re a lover of the original Cinderella.


With award-winning actors, Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, Titanic is a movie to watch this Valentine’s Day. While it’s packed with action and suspense, there’s no shortage of love and romance. This movie will have you emotionally invested from start to finish as you watch the Titanic sink while two strangers fall in love.

You’ve Got Mail

Hollywood’s power duo, Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, star in one of the greatest rom-com films of all time. You’ve Got Mail takes us back to a time when life was a bit simpler without social media and smartphones. Instead, You’ve Got Mail, reminds us of what it was like when we received an email notification from someone exciting. You’ll fall in love with both characters as they exchange meaningful emails back and forth. Will these two lovebirds end up together? You’ll have to see for yourself!

Pretty Woman

What happens when a powerful corporate raider meets a no-nonsense escort worker? An unusual romance. Pretty Woman is a fun, witty rom com that makes a great movie to watch on Valentine’s Day. It’s the perfect love story when it comes to two seemingly different people cross paths. With Hollywood actors, Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, you’re sure to be laughing and enjoying every minute of this love story.

Notting Hill

Another Julia Roberts masterpiece is Notting Hill – except this time, the roles are reversed. Julia Roberts plays a famous Hollywood actress who starts to fall for a British bookstore owner. This movie will have you guessing who Julia Roberts will settle in on. Does she pick love or does she pick what fits in with her Hollywood lifestyle?

Fools Rush In

Two different cultures are brought together in Fools Rush In. Can two people, from two different backgrounds, make love work? This movie takes us on the journey with what happens after a one-night stand leads to a pregnancy. This original story is one that will have you both laughing and crying when you settle in and watch it unfold on Valentine’s Day.

The Rundown

There are plenty of 90’s rom coms to enjoy this Valentine’s Day. Whether you get comfy and watch by yourself or with that special someone, you’re sure to feel the love on Valentine’s Day with these hit movies.


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