Five Recurring Themes in Sitcoms

Some things by nature are funnier than others, or at the very least they can be said to be potentially more funny than others. There are certain themes that have proven themselves to be gold mines for comedy, and especially sitcoms, throughout the decades of TV’s history. We humbly present to you a few of our (and perhaps your) favorite themes for sitcoms historically up until the present day.

  1. The Christmas Episode

In our opinion “The Wonder Years” takes it here, for its Christmas episode at the end of its second season. This one has the poignancy meter pegged right off the scale. Like seriously, if you’re not reaching for the tissues by the end of this one, you’re not even human. On the other end of the emotional spectrum you have the Seinfeld episode “The Strike”, where we are introduced to a very “out-there” (as Kramer expresses in his words), alternative to Christmas.

  1. The Lottery Episode

“The Flintstones” lottery episode has to be one of the best, if not the best ever, in this category. Such a classic, one can watch it over and over again. Behind that, you have “The Simpsons”, “Friends” (Friends is all over this article for a reason), “The Office” etc.For a more comprehensive list , you can check out this list of the best lottery episodes in TV shows.

  1. The Birthday Episode

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We’re going to go all the way back with this one and take you to 1954, to the “Ethel’s birthday” episode of “I Love Lucy”. Really it would be so remiss to mention sitcoms and not include the most classic sitcom of all. Honorable mentions go in this case to “The Golden Girls” and once again we have to nod the head to “Friends” for “The One With Two Parties”

  1. The Halloween Episode

This is no doubt a classic, and provides tons of obvious material for comedy built right in. Click here for a comprehensive list graciously provided to use by our friends at the Guardian. The office favorite here is definitely that classic Simpson’s episode, but they are all really “to die for”.

  1. The Breakup Episode

Just about every sitcom has an emotionally charged breakup or two at some point in its run, but “Sex And The City” has tons of them, sot this show automatically gets the gold medal for funny and poignant breakups.Our favorite is the first breakup between Aidan and Carrie at the very end of the first season. Some fine acting there. Honorable mention has to go to “Cheers” which also has several world-class breakup scenes etched on our memories, and of course to “Friends”, which had us intimately involved in these fictional characters’ lives for years on end.

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