Increase Your SoundCloud Plays with These Great Tips


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Have you recently joined SoundCloud and you are wondering how to get more plays? Worry less you can start by clicking here to get more insights on how you can boost your plays. Also, you can use these tips below to help you increase your plays.

  • Tag Your Songs

Of course, tagging helps listeners to find your songs more easily thus improving your SoundCloud plays. Although when not done properly, it may not help you in the long run.

When tagging on SoundCloud, it’s essential to use relevant keywords that are mostly used by listeners when searching for songs. For example, you can tag the genre of your music, artist name, etc. You can as well add location and mood to your tags. It all helps.

Correctly tagging your songs on SoundCloud leaves the right trail of breadcrumbs that can be used by listeners to find you easily.

  • Add SoundCloud links on your website and guest websites

One of the best ways of improving plays for your SoundCloud music is to share those songs on your website or other sites that have heavy traffic.

While posting your music on the website, you can create backlinks that trace back to your SoundCloud account or music. This way, you will get much visibility on SoundCloud by tapping into the vast fan base of your website or guest websites.

Now, are you wondering how you would get started with guest posting on other websites? Well, don’t worry, here are some of the tips you can use to get you started.

First and foremost, get in contact with the administrator of a particular site of your choice may be those in the music niche. Then;

  1. Politely ask them if you can do a video or write a blog for their website
  2. Make a short video or write a 500-word article that’s relevant, interesting, catchy, and informative.
  3. Include hyperlinks on the video or the article that traces back to your SoundCloud songs or official website.
  4. Now, wait for traffic to follow.

See this link on how you can create your own blog and start sharing your music there

  • Join SoundCloud groups and other forums Soundcloud-Groups-1 (1).Jpg

Like Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networking sites, SoundCloud also has groups. You can join different SoundCloud groups and share your music, thereby helping the music get more plays.

To join a group on SoundCloud, you can first search for the group using keywords or by the genre of your music and join them.

It will be more useful to at least join 75 groups for your songs to reach more ears. Why? SoundCloud allows you to share one song with up to 75 groups.

Put more weight on groups with huge followers, the larger the group, the more your songs can reach more people.

  • Share your track on Facebook and Twitter

Facebook has over one billion active users every day, numbers don’t lie, and this can be one of your most significant avenues for advertising your SoundCloud tracks.

It is effortless to integrate SoundCloud cloud to your Facebook page. All you need is to paste the URL of the song on your Facebook page, and it will be embedded automatically as a playable track.


You can also increase the visibility of the URL of your music track by posting it on different Facebook pages, at least Facebook 20 pages will work for the start.

Twitter is an excellent platform for providing real-time updates on music releases to your listeners and followers. This is a result of the integration of SoundCloud and Twitter platform.

You can creatively craft your post that redirects your Twitter followers to your SoundCloud music page for more music. Additionally, you can share your post to increase its visibility. All these can help you promote your music on SoundCloud.

  • Create a fantastic cover photo for your SoundCloud music

There are thousands of music on SoundCloud, and to get the recognition for your music you need creative branding through your music cover photo.

Think about it-before a person hits the play button on your SoundCloud music. They first see your music or album cover photo. If you have an eye-catching cover photo for your music or album the chances of you getting more hits are high.

A good cover photo attracts the attention of SoundCloud followers and fans. So, make your cover photo count and choose a design that stands outs among the rest. If you can make the design for yourself go to sites like Fiverr that offer graphic designs for as low as $5.

  • Continuously promote your music

Finally, be regular with your advertising. If you are going to start posting your music on your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites, do so consistently.

Be active on our advertising for months, and in no time, you will be impossible to ignore. People will start hearing about you, they will look for you, they will find you on, and they will start playing your music regularly. Click here to view further tips on how you can increase your SoundCloud plays.

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