A Trip to LA with my New Montblac Glasses

As a lifelong wearer of glasses, I have developed discerning tastes. I have tried almost every brand to come across the market in the last twenty years. As I was researching which glasses I wanted to try next, I heard so many people talking about the Montblanc glasses, my curiosity was piqued, and I decided to go to Vision Direct and buy a pair. I knew I would be heading out of town in a few weeks for a trip to Los Angeles, CA and what better place to put these SmartBuyGlasses to the test than in Hollywood. My schedule was going to be packed with meetings, dinners, sightseeing, and a movie screening for a documentary project that I associate produced.

Ordering the Montblanc glasses was easy, the site was clean, well organized and easy to navigate. Finding pertinent information was straightforward. I could tell from the reviews that the frames were well constructed, and I knew this brand was designed for comfort and quality. Often when purchasing prescription sunglasses you have to make some concessions on durability or style but this wasn’t the case with these glasses. My order came quickly, and I was able to get into my optometrist to get my prescription put in a few days before my trip so I could get used to the new glasses.

I was receiving compliments on my specs from the time I walked out of the optometrist office. As I finished up the last of my pre-trip errands, even my assistant let me know these are possibly the best glasses I’ve worn. She’s worked for me for over ten years so that’s saying something.

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My trip to LA was even busier and more taxing than I expected but the Montblanc glasses held up to everything I threw at them. Transitioning from sightseeing to meetings to elegant evening events. These glasses were perfect for my dressed down days on a tour bus in khaki shorts and a polo shirt but still perfectly complimented my suit and tie on the red carpet of the movie screening.

My glasses were comfortable even in hours-long meetings, with stakeholders. I could wear these glasses during my entire 12 to 16 hour day with no pressure behind my ears or on the bridge of my nose. The thing I enjoyed most about these glasses was how easy they were to get used to.

As a busy professional who travels often and never knows when he will be in the office or on a plane I need a pair of glasses that is as up for a challenge as I am and the Montblanc lived up to my exacting standards. I have already recommended these SmartBuyGlasses to at least five other co-workers on my project in LA and a few others back in the New York office when I came back home. I would recommend these glasses to anyone.

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